Monday, March 29, 2010

Can We Talk?

Sometimes Brad and I attempt to have conversations that our kids are not involved in.  You know, those grown up issues that arise every now and then.  But for some reason our two children believe they have a right to know what their parents are discussing at all times.  It's not so much Gogurt as Poptart.  She is becoming, well, rather, nosy

Last night was a great example of that.  Brad and I were in our room, kids tucked in for the night.  We were talking about something, right now I can't even remember what, but it wasn't anything to do with our kids (amazing right?)

From her bedroom, Poptart yells, "Momma?"

Me:  "Yeah?"

Poptart:  "What are y'all talking about?" 

Me:  "Uhhhh (that's me thinking of a good answer)"  You."

Poptart:  "What about me?" 

Me:  "Birthday stuff for you."

Poptart:  "Go ahead then." 

Friday, March 26, 2010

He's Doin' WHAT?

There's this guy named Patrick McGlade and he got this crazy admirable idea to run across America to raise money for The Arthritis Foundation.

From what I can gather from reading his blog, he started in Huntington Beach, CA, and will end up in Tybee Island, GA.  Here is a map of his route.  Along the way he either stays in hotel rooms or in people's homes that offer to give him shelter and a hot meal. 

My brother-in-law, John Watson, who is a runner himself, heard about Patrick and offered him a place to stay.  Patrick posted about his visit to Philadelphia, MS, on PatricksRunBlog, and I'd love for you to read it.  It's the post dated March 24th.  He accidentally put Philadelphia, AR, but it is supposed to be MS.  But I'm sure if you had run through every state from California to Mississippi, you'd be confused too!  I know I would be!  (Actually, I would be dead). 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Good Time Had By All, Almost

My family went to an MSU basketball game last Saturday.  The Bulldogs were playing North Carolina in the second round of the NIT.  Here's who was there:

My two kids (of course).  As you can see, this is before the game started.  The place is almost empty.  As I remember correctly, this would be about 30 minutes before the game started.  Someone in my family who will remain nameless texted us from inside the Hump telling us the announcer had just said that tipoff was goign to be 30 minutes early.  Now my common sense side said that would be impossible since the game was being televised, but nonetheless it put us in hyperdrive and almost made my son sick (ohhhh, keep reading) until we got into the Hump and found our seats.  Then when we got in there we realized it was all just a joke.  I knew it!

This is my sister's family plus one friend.  We're trying to persuade my nieces (especially my oldest, in the maroon shirt) to attend State.  I told her the whole idea of going to this game was a shameless way to try to get her to go there.

And here's me and my mom.  She's one of the biggest Bulldog fans I know.  She enjoyed the game but we all would have enjoyed the game more if we would have won.....

Here's the Bulldogs getting fired up! 

Varnado shooting a freethrow.  My pictures aren't that clear.  I'm having to zoom a LONG way. 

And here's the whole reason Poptart went.  Well, this and the cheerleaders.  And I realized how totally out of shape I am after carrying her all the way down the stairs for this picture and then back up to our seats.  But it was worth it.  Now she is convinced she wants a "real Bulldog" for a pet.  Um, I don't think so. 

Remember when I said my son almost got sick when he thought we were going to miss half the game?  With 2 minutes to go he looked at his father (which by the way was there but somehow avoided all my pictures) and said he needed to go to the bathroom...he was about to be sick.  So Brad was texting me back and forth wanting to know what was happening.  Gogurt didn't get sick, but they didn't have time to come back to the seats so they just watched from the hallway place. 

We lost and later that night Gogurt did get sick.  Stomach virus.  All in all it was a great trip.  We would do it again in a heartbeat.  I hated to see Gogurt so miserable on the 2-hour trip home though.  That was the worst part.  We were all a little heart sick from losing, but we're proud of our Dawgs for a good season.  Can't wait 'til next year!

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Silver Lining

As you know, it is Spring Break around here.  Thankfully, Poptart and I are feeling better so we can salvage the rest of the week. 

Actually, Gogurt and Poptart are at my mom and dad's right now.  They went up there yesterday and will stay for 2 nights.  So, people, that means I am alone in my house right now.  Yes, I said alone.  It is quiet except for the noise of the washing machine and dryer running (I had to do something to feel useful). 

You all know I love my kids, but it is great to have a break.  And now with grandparents even closer (my parents are 1 hour away and Brad's parents are now living in our neighborhood), I feel like there is a chance I might survive this parenthood thing after all!

Brad and I were able to spend some time with a cousin of mine and her husband last night.  They also live about an hour away, close to Meridian, Mississippi, but they drove over to do some shopping.  I think that is the first time we had ever gotten together with them without lots of other family around.  And we left saying we are definitely going to do it again. 

Today I plan on doing very little.  March Madness is in full swing so I'm sure I'll catch a few ballgames today.  And speaking of March Madness, I think my family is finally over the Bulldogs not making the NCAA Tournament.  Which in my opinion was a mistake, of course.  There is a silver lining in this however.  Since they are not in the NCAA tourney, that means they were invited to play in the NIT.  And since they are a #1 seed in the NIT, they will be playing their first games at home in Starkville. 

It didn't take us long to decide to go.  And it turns out my entire family is going, except my dad.  My mom, my sister and her family, and the four of us are all going to Starkville to see our beloved Dawgs in person!  We are so excited!  My kids have never been to a college basketball game so part of my excitement is watching them watching the game.  Of course, Poptart will probably be more into the cheerleaders than anything else, and Gogurt's only question was "Is there a concession stand there?"  When we assured him there was food there, he was good-to-go. 

Even though this year's Spring Break began as a sick one, it looks like it's going to end up being a pretty good week.  And if we win, it'll be even better!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Saddest Press Conference I've Ever Seen. I Cried.

Spring Break

It's Spring Break!  Yippee!!

Unfortunately Poptart and I are a little under the weather.  I started feeling bad last Monday.  She started feeling bad Saturday.  Maybe we can kick it in time to enjoy some of our week....

Gogurt wasted no time in taking advantage of his days off from school.  He had a friend spend the night last night.  It's a neighborhood friend - SO well behaved and SO quiet I hardly even know he is here.  I never mind having him over. 

And because I'm not feeling great (and don't have the energy to fight them on it) and because it is their first morning not in school, I've let them play the Wii most of the morning while I work and do some cleaning around the house. 

I've heard Gogurt say things like "Man, I've never played the Wii this long before," and "We never get to play the Wii this early in the morning!"  I guess he wants his company to realize what a treat he's getting. 

Other than a few nights with grandparents, we have nothing planned during this week.  No grand vacation or anything.  To be honest, I'm glad.  Right now nothing sounds better to me than resting at home. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So I'm sitting here not wanting to start part-time job number two and was trying to think of something I could post about.   Then it hit me!  I've not told you about Max!

Some time back, my mom told me a stray dog had come around their house.  This is not unusual.  They are way out in the country and unfortunately people drive "out there where no one will ever know" and dump their dogs out to fend for themselves.  We are not sure if this is what happened to Max or if he truly just ran away or what.  Nonetheless, after a week of not feeding him and consistently shooing him away to no avail, my parents gave up the fight and decided to keep the dog. 

For a while the dog was called "dog."  Finally the kids and grandkids all pitched in with what they thought the dog's name should be.  Then we voted.  (My family is nothing if not a democracy.)  Max received the most votes so Max it was. 

My parents have talked about getting a dog for a long time but never went through it.  I don't think they ever would have.  Enter Max.  He's a holy dog - straight from the heavens we say.  God knew my parents needed something to take care of (I'm sure if they could read this right now they would say, "Yeah, right!") and be a companion to.  That's why God sent Max to them. 

Well, that may be a little overdramatic but anyway you look at it they have a dog now.  And the awesome thing is they really like this dog.  I mean, really, really like this dog.  They have become, uh-oh, attached. 

And so have my kids......

Monday, March 8, 2010

Things I Do Not Know

A funny thing happened the other day.  Brad asked me if I had noticed how Poptart has started saying, " I know" to everything.  Now this in itself is not funny, but in light of the post I've been working on (in my head) it is a little ironic. 
I remember a specific conversation with a cousin when I was younger.  I don't remember the exact age, lower-elementary-age I would guess, that I still remember to this day. 

Apparently when I was that age I had a pretty bad know-it-all attitude.  And this cousin called me on it.  Also apparently, I said "I know" to anything and everything that anybody said to me.  She called me on that too. 

In my defense, I think I was saying it more as in "I hear you and I agree with you," but it came across as "I already knew that, why are you wasting my time telling me?"  Thus the ever-needed attitude adjustment my cousin gave me that day. 

So in honor of that conversation, here is a list of things I do not know (or perhaps just don't want to try and figure out):

I don't know why I got all teary-eyed when an elderly woman in Wal-Mart looked me in the eyes and told me to enjoy Poptart all I could - soon she'll be grown, she said. 

I don't know why hangers make me angrier faster than anything else in this world.  You can't deal with more than 1 hanger at a time or they get all hooked together and it's just infuriating. 

I don't know why I am having a hard time allowing God to have His way in my life. 

I don't know why I can't be as honest as I would like to be on this blog. 

I don't know why I bought a new bedspread that does not match the color of my walls. 

I don't know why my children have to have the TV up so loud. 

I don't know why it's so hard to keep in touch with family and friends. 

I don't know how anything works. 

I don't know how I can go to the grocery store with a well-made, well-planned out list and still think of something I forgot by the time I get home. 

I don't know what Brad is going to be when he finishes school or where we'll have to go for Brad to be whatever he is going to be when he finishes school.  I do know this terrifies me. 

I don't know how Poptart is going to like Kindergarten. 

I don't know what the parents of my students think of me as a teacher. 

I don't know if my friends really like me. 

I don't know how Gogurt can eat so much. 

I don't know why I let some people intimidate me. 

I don't know how to stay close to God all the time

I don't know why I love chocolate so much. 

I don't know why men are so sexually driven. 

I don't know why God keeps blessing me when I do not deserve it. 

I don't know how to really have church

I don't know how to tell people what they mean to me without crying like a blubbering idiot.

I don't know why I can't witness. 

I don't know why my feet stay cold all the time. 

I don't know how Brad and I are still together. 

I don't know why, on the warmest day yet, I feel like crap and just want to go back to bed. 

I don't know what my kids will end up being.  

So there you have it.  A partial list of things I do not know.  It could go on and on.  While making this "I don't know" list, a song popped into my head.  I will leave you with the lyrics...

I don't know about tomorrow, It may bring me poverty;
But the one who feeds the sparrow, Is the one who stands by me;
And the path that be my portion, May be through the flame or flood;
But His presence goes before me, And I'm covered with His blood.

Many things about tomorrow, I don't seem to understand;
But I know who holds tomorrow, And I know who holds my hand. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mavala - Will It Work?

ADDENDUM:  The sleepless nights I was expecting never came to pass!  Poptart is doing great!  I don't want to jinx it, but I think we may be past the thumb-sucking era.  She has even decided to give up puppy.  And for those of you who know puppy, that is serious.  He has been living on the bathroom counter for the last few days and nights.  She says she does not need him anymore.

I have to say though, she has said things like, "When this stuff wears off I'm sucking my thumb forever!"  And my favorite (about an hour after we put it on) "Momma, I think it's worked already, so I'm gonna go wash it off...."

Today she hasn't mentioned it one time.  Is this really the end?  The end of my sweet little thumb-sucking, puppy- tail-rubbing daughter?  Yeah, I think it is. 

And I'm blaming it all on Mavala.  Thank you. 
Poptart is struggling with sucking her thumb.  She has become aware of late that it is sort of "babyish" and since she is about to turn 5 she thinks it is time to stop.  Her dentist and I agree.  (I can already see a change in her teeth). 

Enter Mavala.  It is a fingernail polish with a bitter taste that is supposed to stop thumb sucking in children.  Adults can use it too if you have a bad habit of biting your nails. 

We've been discussing doing this for days.  Some days Poptart would be all for it.  Some days she would break down in tears at the thought of it.  I told her I would do it whenever she was ready. 

She just brought me the bottle and asked me to put it on.  So I did.  Now I'm waiting.  Waiting for the tears, the begging to wash it off, the sleepless night. 

I'll let you know how it goes.......