Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break

It's Spring Break!  Yippee!!

Unfortunately Poptart and I are a little under the weather.  I started feeling bad last Monday.  She started feeling bad Saturday.  Maybe we can kick it in time to enjoy some of our week....

Gogurt wasted no time in taking advantage of his days off from school.  He had a friend spend the night last night.  It's a neighborhood friend - SO well behaved and SO quiet I hardly even know he is here.  I never mind having him over. 

And because I'm not feeling great (and don't have the energy to fight them on it) and because it is their first morning not in school, I've let them play the Wii most of the morning while I work and do some cleaning around the house. 

I've heard Gogurt say things like "Man, I've never played the Wii this long before," and "We never get to play the Wii this early in the morning!"  I guess he wants his company to realize what a treat he's getting. 

Other than a few nights with grandparents, we have nothing planned during this week.  No grand vacation or anything.  To be honest, I'm glad.  Right now nothing sounds better to me than resting at home. 

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