Friday, August 28, 2009

A Weekend Getaway

We leave this afternoon on our annual family camping trip. We're all really excited, especially the kids, about living in a cabin for the next three nights. I use the term "camping" loosely. We are not roughing it by any stretch of the imagination. We are in a cabin with a TV, microwave, nice beds, etc.

My parents and my sister's family are meeting us there. This will be the 7th year (I think) that we have done this as a family. It is one of my favorite times of the year as it is getting harder and harder to get the whole family together.

I took the day off from typing today and Monday. Freedom! But I've been busy cooking, packing, and trying to get my house in some sort of order (we are almost finished with the new floor, just the hall left!)

I am not sure when I'll have a chance to post again--I assume we will be totally disconnected from any internet service while at the park. But I'll be back as soon as I can, maybe with some pictures!

By the way, in case you are interested, we are going to Clarkco State Park. Mississippi has some really wonderful state parks, and if you've never visited one you should!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Ever since school started I feel like I'm in a whirlwind. We have been really busy, but I'm not sure with what.

Maybe it's because I'm having to "retrain" myself to the schedule of typing and teaching. Maybe it's because I had two trips out-of-town last week. Maybe it's because Brad started seminary and I see and feel his busyness. Maybe it's because we've ripped up our carpet and tomorrow will be attempting to put our new floor down. Maybe it's because we're leaving on our annual camping trip with my family Friday and I have to get everything ready.

Add going to church three times and a meeting at the school and all of this together makes me want to crawl in bed and stay a while. Don't get me wrong, none of this stuff is bad, but for some reason I'm just not feeling on-top-of-things like I normally do. Maybe this week I'll feel better.

Thursday night I was going to the school to meet Gogurt's teacher and learn all about 3rd grade. I had taught preschool that day and so I had been typing ever since I got home, trying to get done before I had to leave for the school. Poptart was in the room with me, and she found an old CD. She asked me several times to listen to that CD. Annoyed, I promised her that if she would just be quiet for a few more minutes, Momma would be done and would put in the CD.

I finished up and stuck in the CD. It was a CD from a Vacation Bible School a few years ago. The CD began, and I was barely listening. It was the end of a long week, and I really didn't want to be going anywhere. I wanted a long, hot bath in solitude. But Brad had offered to stay home with the kids so I could go to the school. He also told me that after I left the school I should go by McDonald's and get me a hot fudge sundae. Okay. I'll go. Hot fudge sundaes motivate me.

I was walking out of my bedroom when I heard these words being sung,
"I will rush to rest at your feet Lord Jesus,"

Stop. Turn around. Scoop up Poptart. Dance. Cry.

I needed rest, but it didn't need to come in the form of camping trips, hot baths, or hot fudge sundaes. I needed the purest rest. The kind that comes at our Lord's feet. Rest in the truest sense possible.

I hate to admit it, but in my busyness I oftentimes push out those sweet times with Jesus. And I am thankful that he can use anyone and anything to gently pull me back into his presence.

I only had a few moments, but those few moments did me a world of good. Somehow I felt better, about everything. And it's a good thing I did.

Because the ice cream machine was broken.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Free Groceries, maybe.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Whew! What a Week!

We have just finished up our first week at preschool and everything went very smoothly! I've got a good class, and Poptart really enjoyed her first week in her new class.

My mind and body are still trying to catch up to this new schedule however. The summer ruined me. I had forgotten how jam-packed my weeks are once I start back teaching. I'm tired, but at least now we get a few days off from school (preschool is only three days a week). I wish I had a few days off from typing, but I'm not quite that lucky.

Thanks for all your well wishes with Brad starting seminary. It really means alot to us. It's gonna take him forever - he's taking one or two classes a semester. This is for a couple of reasons. First is simply time. He will still be working full-time so two classes is probably the biggest load he can realistically have. Second is financial. We really, really, really want to avoid any type of student loan. Hopefully, if he keeps his class load small, we can pay semester-by-semester ourselves. This is our prayer!

Gogurt keeps calling seminary "cemetary." I hope that is not a sign. Love ya!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Daddy's Going to School Too!

Since my fingers are about to fall off anyway, I decided to type even more before turning in for the night. I have had so much typing today, and its all because one doctor likes to take a week off from dictating and then play catch-up all in one day. Well, today was that day. He dictated so much, but I'm proud to say I completed it all. My eyes are bleeding from staring at the computer screen, but I'm finally finished.

Enough about that, on to better things.

Brad has been accepted into seminary! He had his "open house" tonight (the kids thought that was so cool--Daddy going to open house!?!) It went well. He's nervous, but that is understandable. Unfortunately he did not get to register because of computer issues, but hopefully tomorrow that will be all worked out and he can register for his two classes.

Sunday was our 12th anniversary, and I believe with all my heart that the next 12 will be better than the first...not that the first 12 years was that bad, I'll just call it a big fat learning experience. I do not even for a minute believe that we are done learning, but hopefully the next few lessons we learn will be a little, well, easier?

Thanks for all your encouragement in this journey so far.....although I have a feeling the journey is actually just beginning.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Happy Anniversary, Sweetness. I love you. Thanks for 12 great years. Here's to us and the future!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting Ready

I've been busy working in my classroom at preschool getting everything ready for school to start next Tuesday. I love the beginning of school, new pencils, new crayons, new everything. If only it all would stay that way! I think I am going to have a really good class this year. I am excited about getting started!

Gogurt had a tooth pulled yesterday. Everything went well, but he was disappointed with the amount of money the tooth fairy left. He got up and lamented that he thought surely he would get more money for a tooth that had to be pulled. Well, if the tooth fairy is anything, she is consistent. The same for every tooth, that's her motto.

We also met Gogurt's teacher last night. 3rd grade. I can't believe it. He's really growing up. It seems like last year he was in preschool with me. His teacher seemed nice, and I really liked her room. It was more of a grown-up-looking classroom, not alot of cutesy stuff on the walls, etc. Just a good ole' classroom.

Poptart also has a great teacher this year at preschool. Since there are only two 4-year-old classrooms, and I teach one of them, there was never any mystery as to who her teacher would be. I can't believe this is her last year of preschool!

With school starting, my schedule gets alot more hectic. I'm gone three days a week from the house meaning I can't start my transcription until later in the afternoon. It makes for a fast-paced, tiring middle-of-the-week, but it's all worth it.

I hope you've had a good week. God bless you!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Finale

Today we went to the local Jellystone Park . It was my mom's idea and what a great one it was! She took me and her four grandchildren. What great memories we made....I'm sure the grandkids will always remember teaching their grandmother to swim! And she was doing it by the time we left!

Here are some pictures from the day.

Here I am in a rare blog-photo (that's me in the middle in case you couldn't tell the 30-something-year-old from the teens). These are my sister's two daughters, and we really don't spend enough time together. It was great to hang out with them today.


Good-bye summer fun. It was nice while it lasted. The girls start to school Thursday, Gogurt starts Monday, and Poptart and I start Tuesday, but I'm sure glad we got to spend today together! Love y'all!