Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank You, Mr. Obvious

We can live with only one TV (we're enjoying our new channels by the way!), but what we are finding it more difficult to do is live with one computer. 

I have "my" computer.  It is the computer I do my transcription on.  Brad bought his laptop not even a year ago (so I guess we can live without it since we did for so long).  It was really nice to have another computer because it made it possible for me to work and Brad to be online for school at the same time.  He didn't have to wait for me to finish before he could start his schoolwork.  But unfortunately his laptop has died twice in less than a year.  To say this is frustrating my husband would be an understatement. 

Last night I was working but took a break to take a phone call.  Brad seized the opportunity and immediately got online to chat with an HP tech support guy we will name Mr. Obvious. 

Long after I got off the phone, Brad and Mr. Obvious were still chatting.  I'm glad Mr. Obvious did not have audio along with this chat 'cuz Brad was getting more and more annoyed with each passing second. 

Everything Mr. Obvious told Brad to do was something he had already done and knew wasn't going to work.  But he went through the steps anyway, and guess what - it didn't work.  His laptop would not come on.  Dead.  As a doornail. 

On top of his frustration, I was becoming frustrated because he was on "my" computer taking up "my" work time and "my" restful work-free night was becoming less and less reality.  But I knew it was important to get his laptop up and running again since school has just started. 

Brad tried several times to explain to Mr. Obvious the problem.  To us, it was pretty simple. 

Brad:  My laptop will not come on. 

Mr. Obvious:  Press F8 repeatedly. 

Brad:  I would, but my laptop will not come on. 

Mr. Obvious:  Okay.  Can you get to your Windows screen? 

Brad:  Nooo, my laptop will not come on.  At all. 

Mr. Obvious:  Please choose last good configuration option. 

Brad:  It won't come on.  . 

Mr. Obvious:  Please restart notebook and press F10 repeatedly. 

Brad:  The computer will not turn on at all. 

Mr. Obvious:  We will reseat the hard drive and memory stick. 

Brad:  Okay. 

-----this took quite a while as there were many steps---steps Brad had already been through previously----

Mr. Obvious:  Okay, restart your notebook. 

Brad:  It won't come on. 

Mr. Obvious:  It seems the notebook needs to be repaired. 

Thank you, Mr. Obvious!!!!  We had no idea!!!!

I won't go on with the rest of the conversation, I'm sure you can imagine it in your head.  We're thinking that dying twice in less than a year is grounds for our money back or getting a brand new laptop.  Yeah, I'll hold my breath. 

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Oh My, Pigs Will Fly

If you missed the Saints/Vikings game last night, you missed a good one!  We got home from church in time to see the entire 4th quarter (which is of course the most important quarter in a close game).  

I can't remember a game I've enjoyed more lately, and this one ended up especially sweet. 

The Saints are going to the Superbowl!  Who would've ever dreamed it?  We feel a connection to the Saints since we lived in Mandeville, Louisiana, for a few years.  Being a Saints fan in the past has brought on nothing but frustration and disappointment.....but not anymore!  I'm so proud for the City Of New Orleans and the whole state of Louisiana and the whole South for that matter....The Saints is like a home team for alot of us in the Southeast. 

While we lived in Louisiana we watched WWL for our news.  There was a sportscaster on there named Jim Henderson.  We really liked Jim, and he loved his Saints -  but there was not a whole lot to cheer about back then.  After the game, Brad said he would have loved to hear Jim's call of the game-winning kick by Hartley.  I heard it on Supertalk Radio a little earlier today.  I honestly think Jim was crying......

I have a feeling Mardi Gras has started early this year!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

They Giveth and They Taketh Away

On Christmas Day my in-laws surprised us with a new TV.  We plugged it in and to our surprise we were getting channels we had never gotten before.  You know, the ones you get when you do a -?  Like, channel 3-1, 3-4, 83-3, etc.  This was all new to me, and I know everything is "digital" now, but how did my cable company know we had just plugged in a new TV?  I know, I know, something is in the TV that makes it pick up the new digital channels, but it was just a little weird to me.  It reminded me of what a good friend used to say in college everytime we would watch a movie, "How do they know what size TV I've got?"  (you know, the little message that tells you this movie has been adapted to fit your TV screen?)  Anyway, we have been enjoying our newfound digital bliss - - especially Brad.

You see, we haven't had ESPN for years.  And I'm not exaggerating.  We've been paying $10 for our cable service for a very long time, and you just don't get much for 10 bucks.  But alas, the new TV was giving us ESPN!  Brad has been in a dream-like sports mode for these past few weeks, and I have to say the whole family has enjoyed it.  They giveth 

Last night Gogurt was in temporary control of the remote and he told his Daddy something was wrong, bad wrong, ESPN was scrambled!  This put my boys in crisis mode........maybe it's temporary, maybe everybody's ESPN has crashed, maybe if we turn off the TV and then turn it back on, ESPN will reappear.  But no luck.  Today when I returned home from preschool, my dear hubby had written a note on Poptart's dry-erase board easel thingy.  It stated, Still no ESPN :(  He had drawn teardrops from the eyes, even. 

I have called our cable company for an explanation.  Did you know the cable guys have some device in their truck that tattles on people who are getting channels they are not paying for?  That's what happened to us!  That little device tattled on us, and the cable guy came and put a filter on our line (per the person I talked to on the phone).  Therefore, no ESPN.  They taketh away. 

So, I've upgraded - sort of.  Our cable company was running a promotion (aren't they always?) that would give us LOTS more channels for $15 more a month.  Then in a year if we want to go back to our $10 a month package we can. 

I am a little nervous about this--I immediately started second-guessing my decision to upgrade.  But, it's just for a year--after that we'll decide whether it's worth the extra money. 

Just so you think I'm not SO naive, I understand this was probably all a marketing ploy by the cable company--they let us have ESPN just long enough to think we couldn't live without it, then they took it away.  And like good little suckers, we upgraded and agreed to fork out some more money. 

Oh well, at least we won't have to watch The Weather Channel anymore for our most exciting entertainment. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

This Blog Is Rated G

It certainly comes as no surprise to me that there are people out there who uses the Internet for evil. If you have never personally experienced this "side" of the online world, then consider yourself blessed.  But do not be deceived.  There is a dark side to the Internet, and unfortunately but thankfully, I probably don't know the half of it. 

There was a time I wanted to have absolutely nothing to do with the Internet.  I didn't want it in my home.  Period.  But because of my work, and our bad habit of liking to eat and pay bills, I was forced to keep it.  I slowly came to realize there is alot of good out there combatting the evil, and ultimately it is up to the user to decide whether or not they want to be in the light or in the dark. 

I want my blog to be a safe place for you to come and enjoy.  I want you to know that you (and even your children) could sit down and read my posts.  Gogurt does come here often to read what I have written! 

I also want you to know there are people out there, strangers even, that try to hijack this innocence, and my blog was attacked by one of those such people.  

I do not know the person and do not believe they know me or my family.  I believe it was just a random event. 

I do not want to blow this out of proportion; some of you may have no idea what I'm even talking about, but I did want to address it. 

Thanks, and I hope you are having a blessed day...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Love My Job(s)

I really do!


Last week we just knew in our hearts we would get a day (or two!) off from school because of the predicted ice storm that was coming. 


Today I was told the clinic I type for would be closed due to the water crisis in Jackson. 


Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go.......

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Moral Of This Story - Be Ready

I'm an SEC girl through and through, but last night's game had me rooting for a Texas Longhorn team I knew little about. 

If you watched the game, you know Colt McCoy got hurt in the first few minutes of the game.  I can't imagine his frustration-making it this far then getting hurt and watching from the sidelines. 

But the more compelling story to me was the poor young guy who had to step up and play quarterback in the national championship game, in front of 94,000+ fans in the stadium and who knows how many more on TV, and face the hardest possible opponent, Alabama. 

His name was Garrett Gilbert.  A true freshman.   He had thrown 26 college passes before last night.  I wish I could have seen his face the moment he realized he would be stepping onto the field.  Ummmm, are you sure, coach?  You know I'm not ready for this.  I can't do it.  I can't!  

At first it was just what everyone expected.  Overthrown balls, batted down balls, interceptions.  It wasn't looking good.  Halftime came and the commentators basically said Texas had zero chance with this guy at quarterback. 

The second half started and young Gilbert threw for several first down and then to everyone's surprise even two touchdowns.    Before you knew it, Texas had pulled within three points and yes, they had a chance!  What a story it would be if this quarterback - fresh from his high school prom - could pull the upset!

But, alas, it didn't happen.  Alabama ended up winning the game, but what an enjoyable game it was to watch. 

I am proud for the SEC, but to me the winners are Gilbert and all his teammates (including McCoy) who rallied around this inexperienced quarterback and somehow got him to believe he could do it. 

And he almost did.