Monday, January 25, 2010

My Oh My, Pigs Will Fly

If you missed the Saints/Vikings game last night, you missed a good one!  We got home from church in time to see the entire 4th quarter (which is of course the most important quarter in a close game).  

I can't remember a game I've enjoyed more lately, and this one ended up especially sweet. 

The Saints are going to the Superbowl!  Who would've ever dreamed it?  We feel a connection to the Saints since we lived in Mandeville, Louisiana, for a few years.  Being a Saints fan in the past has brought on nothing but frustration and disappointment.....but not anymore!  I'm so proud for the City Of New Orleans and the whole state of Louisiana and the whole South for that matter....The Saints is like a home team for alot of us in the Southeast. 

While we lived in Louisiana we watched WWL for our news.  There was a sportscaster on there named Jim Henderson.  We really liked Jim, and he loved his Saints -  but there was not a whole lot to cheer about back then.  After the game, Brad said he would have loved to hear Jim's call of the game-winning kick by Hartley.  I heard it on Supertalk Radio a little earlier today.  I honestly think Jim was crying......

I have a feeling Mardi Gras has started early this year!

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Jennifer said...

We only got to see the last couple of minutes and then overtime. I'm glad I can say that I got to see some of such an amazing thing as the Saints winning a championship game!