Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank You, Mr. Obvious

We can live with only one TV (we're enjoying our new channels by the way!), but what we are finding it more difficult to do is live with one computer. 

I have "my" computer.  It is the computer I do my transcription on.  Brad bought his laptop not even a year ago (so I guess we can live without it since we did for so long).  It was really nice to have another computer because it made it possible for me to work and Brad to be online for school at the same time.  He didn't have to wait for me to finish before he could start his schoolwork.  But unfortunately his laptop has died twice in less than a year.  To say this is frustrating my husband would be an understatement. 

Last night I was working but took a break to take a phone call.  Brad seized the opportunity and immediately got online to chat with an HP tech support guy we will name Mr. Obvious. 

Long after I got off the phone, Brad and Mr. Obvious were still chatting.  I'm glad Mr. Obvious did not have audio along with this chat 'cuz Brad was getting more and more annoyed with each passing second. 

Everything Mr. Obvious told Brad to do was something he had already done and knew wasn't going to work.  But he went through the steps anyway, and guess what - it didn't work.  His laptop would not come on.  Dead.  As a doornail. 

On top of his frustration, I was becoming frustrated because he was on "my" computer taking up "my" work time and "my" restful work-free night was becoming less and less reality.  But I knew it was important to get his laptop up and running again since school has just started. 

Brad tried several times to explain to Mr. Obvious the problem.  To us, it was pretty simple. 

Brad:  My laptop will not come on. 

Mr. Obvious:  Press F8 repeatedly. 

Brad:  I would, but my laptop will not come on. 

Mr. Obvious:  Okay.  Can you get to your Windows screen? 

Brad:  Nooo, my laptop will not come on.  At all. 

Mr. Obvious:  Please choose last good configuration option. 

Brad:  It won't come on.  . 

Mr. Obvious:  Please restart notebook and press F10 repeatedly. 

Brad:  The computer will not turn on at all. 

Mr. Obvious:  We will reseat the hard drive and memory stick. 

Brad:  Okay. 

-----this took quite a while as there were many steps---steps Brad had already been through previously----

Mr. Obvious:  Okay, restart your notebook. 

Brad:  It won't come on. 

Mr. Obvious:  It seems the notebook needs to be repaired. 

Thank you, Mr. Obvious!!!!  We had no idea!!!!

I won't go on with the rest of the conversation, I'm sure you can imagine it in your head.  We're thinking that dying twice in less than a year is grounds for our money back or getting a brand new laptop.  Yeah, I'll hold my breath. 

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Anonymous said...

well I'll have to say my son was very calm since he had already tried everything possible on Tueday night to get it started so shall I say he has grow a little? I am sorry I know it's very hard when both of you need the computer, so I'll say a prayer for you and the computer. Tell the kids we have snow,sleet and rain.