Monday, February 1, 2010

What a Shower Curtain Can Do

We are waiting on a box to send the laptop to HP to be repaired and sent back to us.  No luck on the money-back or new computer options.  Now we would just settle for a working computer.  But on to more things....

Back in June I received birthday money and with some of it I bought a shower curtain.  (I know, weird.)  It is the fanciest shower curtain I've ever owned.  It's cream with a gold border and a monogrammed "S" in the middle.  I told ya it was fancy.  Fancy Schmancy. 

So this shower curtain has become the catalyst for my new tile, which I bought with Christmas money.  (I love using other people's money! Thanks, mom & Nana!)  The tile has a little gold in it and will look good with my new shower curtain. 

Before I put down the new floor however, I need to paint first...which means I have to rip off the old wallpaper first.  Then I can put down the new floor which will look good with my new shower curtain. 

So Saturday we started removing wallpaper which if you have ever done this you know it is from the devil not pleasant.  I am just finishing up that process today and am beginning to wonder if I might not could just live with bare, scraped walls. 

But no, we will press on.  My kids are excited to paint, and I'm excited to paint too because then I can put down the new tile which will look good with the new shower curtain.  Which is the entire reason I started this process in the first place. 

Brad mentioned something about new faucets, etc., and now I'm thinking about checking into how much countertops cost.  I'm sure there is a countertop out there that would match the tile that is going to match the shower curtain that I bought with birthday money. 

I'm starting to think I should've bought something less labor intensive with my gift money.  

Instead of that blasted shower curtain.   


Jennifer said...

I knew that there was a reason I usually spend any gift money on the kids! I do know how you feel, since I could have written this same post, except it was a new washer and dryer that prompted our makeover last summer.

Kim said...

I get frustrated removing a simple wallpaper border—I'd go crazy if I had to take off sheets pasted over the entire wall!