Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm Glad My Bathroom Is Small

The painting is done--thank goodness!  Now Brad finally gets to begin putting down the new floor.  That's the part I'm excited about...I think the floor will really pull the whole bathroom together.  This project has really tired me out (insert post title here), and I have been threatened with my life if I start another project anytime soon.  No worries there, I'm too tired to even think about it. 

It has rained ALL day here which means we were inside ALL day at school.  And on top of that ALL the kids stayed ALL day.  (The moms have the option of picking them up at 12:00 or bringing a lunch and letting them stay until 1:30.) I suppose the moms didn't want their kids at home with them inside all day either.   I don't blame them though, I would have done the same thing...

Poptart's dance teacher brought their costumes for the recital today.  Too precious!  Poptart has never had anything like these costumes in her life.  So girly.  She has already tried both of them on.  She loved one, hated the other.  Said she wasn't wearing it in the recital.  But then again, she says she is not going to be in the recital at all.  And I sweetly tell her after I've paid all this money, she is going to be in the recital.  We'll see who wins.  The recital is not until May so I'm not stressing over it (too much) yet. 

Gogurt has participated in his first fundraiser for school - selling cookie dough.  I usually do not "do" fundraisers....if the teacher needs something I will try and get it for her.  But I don't like bothering people for money all the time.  Lord knows I have turned plenty of kids away in this neighborhood trying to sell everything from magazines to candy bars. And I don't want my neighbors to slam the door and close the blinds every time they see my school-age child walking toward them.   Gogurt was very shy at first.  He didn't quite have the nerve to go up and ask anybody to buy his cookie dough, but he's gotten over that now.  I don't foresee a salesman job in his future (that would be for the neighbor friend down the street---he's been helping Gogurt sell in the evenings), but I am proud of him for doing as well as he has.  Of course, he's really doing it for the prizes.  Which, if I must say, are pieces of junk.  But if he wants the calculator that smells like chocolate, I say go for it. 

I must get busy on my second job.  At least I sit down doing this one.  Have a great day and thanks for reading.....

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the bathroom. Do you want me to get you a bathroom set at the rug store before we move? If so tell me what color and how many pieces. This house appraised for the amount they wanted so that is one more bridge we have crossed now they had better get the money or I might just jump off the big bridge over the TN River. Love to all, Nana