Monday, March 29, 2010

Can We Talk?

Sometimes Brad and I attempt to have conversations that our kids are not involved in.  You know, those grown up issues that arise every now and then.  But for some reason our two children believe they have a right to know what their parents are discussing at all times.  It's not so much Gogurt as Poptart.  She is becoming, well, rather, nosy

Last night was a great example of that.  Brad and I were in our room, kids tucked in for the night.  We were talking about something, right now I can't even remember what, but it wasn't anything to do with our kids (amazing right?)

From her bedroom, Poptart yells, "Momma?"

Me:  "Yeah?"

Poptart:  "What are y'all talking about?" 

Me:  "Uhhhh (that's me thinking of a good answer)"  You."

Poptart:  "What about me?" 

Me:  "Birthday stuff for you."

Poptart:  "Go ahead then." 


Anonymous said...

Hey do you think she needs ear-plugs for her birthday?? If so let me know and I'll try to get some in purple. Just kidding!!!! PDPS

Jennifer said...

I believe that nosiness is a girl thing cause LB has a healthy dose of it, too! She has been known to get out of bed and come ask us what we are talking about ... silly girl, if she'd just be quiet she could probably figure it out!

Kim said...

Lately when my 9-year-old notices that my husband and I are talking, she gets this knowing look on her face and asks us if we're talking about her birthday! Yes, every free moment we have, we are planning her birthday party . . . it's only TWO FULL MONTHS away. Kids! : )