Friday, October 14, 2011

Mommas Can Be Wrong Too

We signed Poptart up for tennis lessons, and her first lesson was this past Monday.  The lessons are being held at some tennis courts in a neighborhood near our home.  In this particular neighborhood lives one of Poptart's favorite friends, Kinsey.  They were in preschool together for two years.  They go to different elementary schools, but we still get them together every now and then to play. 

From the day I signed Poptart up, she started asking if Kinsey was going to be at her tennis lesson.  I explained to my eager daughter that Kinsey would definitely not be at her tennis lesson.  And I also explained that just because the lessons were being held in Kinsey's neighborhood did not mean Kinsey would be at her lesson.  Besides, Kinsey is involved in soccer, not tennis. 

Everytime we would bring up the upcoming lesson, Poptart would bring up Kinsey again.  And I would again try to explain to her that out of all the thousands of children in this county, the probability of Kinsey being at her tennis lesson was slim to none at best.  Besides, the tennis coach had already told me there were only 3 children signed up for this particular day and time.  Poptart was one so that only left two spots in her class.  It just wasn't going to be her friend, Kinsey.  Sorry, hon. 

On the way to tennis Monday (and after Poptart asked AGAIN if she would see her friend there), I was trying to boost Poptart's confidence since she gets pretty shy around kids and adults she does not know.  I was assuring her with things such as "Remember when you took gymnastics this summer, you didn't know anyone in your class, but by the end you had made friends?"  "This will be the same way so don't be nervous." 

We arrived.  I sat down to write out the check to the coach.  Poptart is bouncing around and looking around taking in this new scenery.  Then she looks at me with this look on her face.  I look up. 

Kinsey's walking up with her tennis racket. 

The class consists of Poptart, Kinsey, and Kinsey's younger brother. 

That night I was sitting in the bathroom talking to Poptart while she was in the tub.  We were talking about the lesson and how funny it was that Kinsey was actually in her class.  She smiled and said,

"Momma, you were sooooo wrong!" 

Yes, darling.  Mommas can be wrong too. 

But not that often. 

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Sam Manning said...

I guess using that logic - Daddys can be wrong too - but only when dealing with mommas