Friday, October 7, 2011

10th Annual

We realized on our "camping trip" this year that this was our 10th annual family camping trip.  My parents, my sister and her family, and my family (10 total) have set aside one weekend a year to get together and enjoy each other's company away from the hustle and bustle of life. 

This year we visited a place close to home.  I have many, many good memories of going there as a child to swim.  Lake Tiak-O-Khata, like our original family of 4, has grown over the years.  Cabins, tennis courts, a nature trail, and of course the lake/swimming area are all beautiful.  Unfortunately, the swimming area was closed but no worries-before we left we booked a weekend in June for the 11th annual camping trip!  My kids will get to enjoy the same swimming hole I used to (but with a bigger, better, and safer slide!)

As usual, I took lots of pictures and as usual, Blogger is giving me a frustratingly difficult time getting them on here like I want them to be!  I have not the time nor the patience to post all the pictures today.  If anyone knows why Blogger is rearranging my pictures at random, please tell me!  I'm sure it is something I'm doing, but it's driving me crazy.  Really. 

So, I will leave you with just these few pictures....

If you will look closely, you can see Gogurt in a kayak.  This was by far my kids'number one favorite thing to do. 

The four grandkids sitting down for a brief rest on the nature trail.  Notice Gogurt's boots.  His tennis shoes were back at the cabin drying after an accidental but funny fall off the pier.  Note to self, jumping from a pier into a kayak doesn't work. 

And here's the whole crew posing for our group shot before we left.  We have done this every year and every year it is alot more difficult than you would think.  Picking out the spot, setting up the camera, getting everyone positioned, Brad running to make it into the picture.  One year we need to make a video of us just trying to get this shot.  It would be very entertaining. 

 There's several more pictures I wanted to share, like the one of Gogurt with the shorts he split down the rear-end after sliding down a bank and getting hung on a rock.  Bless his heart, his rear hurt for several hours, but we all got a good laugh out of it. 

All in all it was another successful trip.  Good food, good family, good weather.  Looking forward to June already!

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Jennifer said...

Every year when y'all talk about this camping trip it makes me wish we could get our crew to do something similar ... of course with (soon to be) 23 of us, I don't think we'll ever make it work. Maybe we should just shoot for the five that live in my house for now!