Thursday, September 29, 2011

Friends in High Places

I am not referring to a high-ranking government official or a school board member, a celebrity, or an, I've got a friend, and he works at the car repair shop and that, my friend, is the best place to have a friend.   

While Brad was in Alaska, I decided it was time to get my oil changed.  I also decided to switch car shops because we weren't so happy where we had been going.  So upon the recommendation of a friend, I chose another particular shop close to my house. 

Little did I know I have a neighbor-friend that works there - and boy, is he helping us out!

We've been in twice now, once for the oil change and yesterday for brake work, and he gave  us a discount both times.  And not just a teeny tiny one either.  It's a deep enough discount that makes me think I need to bake this man some cookies or take him and his wife out to dinner or cut his grass for him or fall down on the ground and bow at his feet.  Okay, maybe not. 

But I am going to do something nice for him 'cuz he is certainly being nice to us! 

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