Friday, October 21, 2011

An Important Vote for Mississippi

Have you ever set in a room and heard the conversation go down the path of all the social ills we are facing today?  And have you ever heard someone say, "If only the Christians would have stood up against it....."

Well, my friend, we are about to get a rare 2nd chance. 

On November 8th we will vote on Amendment 26, better known as the Personhood Amendment. 

I will not attempt to explain the amendment, although I'm sure you know exactly what it is about. 

Visit this website:  and get all the info you need. 

Especially visit the "Real Answers to the Scare Tactics" section.  It has some good answers to questions I had wondered about myself. 

Please vote Yes to Amendment 26 and tell all your friends/family to read about it then do the same. 

I don't want to be sitting in a conversation later in my life and be forced to say, "If only the Christians would have stood up....." 

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