Thursday, October 27, 2011

So We Went Shopping

I wasn't going to post about Brad's new job at all.  But I just can't help it - I've got to. 


The important part of that exclamatory sentence is the word inside.  You see, for the entire close-to-20 years I have known Brad he has been an outdoorsy working man.  A take-care-of-the-grass man, whether golf courses, athletic fields, or as in the current case, the city parks.  His nickname in college was "Turf Daddy."  Giggle,giggle. 

Turf Daddy has always made a good living for his family, but it hasn't always been pretty. When he arrives home he is sometimes covered in dirt, sometimes covered in mud, and sometimes covered in that lovely green pipe glue after working in an irrigation hole all day.  And on a really, really tough day, he might be covered in all of the above.  During the summer the heat is brutal, and I honestly don't know how he's done it this long.  It has never been easy to watch him come home completely zapped of all energy during the summer months, but it seems to have been getting worse over the past couple of summers. 

Contrast dirty/outside job with clean/inside job.  That's what is about to happen.  He, with the help of a friend, found out about a job opening.  He applied not thinking much would happen and here we are a couple of months later awaiting his start date.  So what did we do when we found out he got the job?

We went shopping, of course!  Someone who has worked outdoors in khaki shorts and t-shirts his whole life is a little short on dress clothes (save the funeral/wedding suit) so we had to go shopping.  

I'm not a big shopper but going alone with my husband to outfit him in dress pants, collared shirts, and ties happened to be a lot of fun.  I rarely see him in a tie, and I told him it would take me a week of him walking in the door all dressed up before I wouldn't wonder to myself "Who died?"

During the shopping session, there were those surreal moments we would look at each other and think, "What the heck are we doing?"  But then we'd notice a cool tie and get excited again.  I'm sure the dress code will be one of the things he comes to dislike about this new job (maybe he could talk the office into implenting Friday bluejean day or something), but if that's the only thing he dislikes about this career-changing move, I think we'll call it a success!

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