Sunday, July 17, 2011

We are FINALLY here!

Hello from the Arctic.  Ronnie and I have finally arrived and actually got to sleep a little last night.  And as Ronnie said, "I just couldn't find my spot."  Ditto that. But at least we did sleep even without my CPAP.

Just a quick recount of the day or should I say eternity?!  We left Jacktown around 6 am Central Time.  Next stop Atlanta.  And despite my fears we had absolutly no problems (or so I thought).  Now the long leg on to Seattle was next, and wow what a demolisher.  I haven't felt like that in a while.  It was like I was a boxing match with George Forman, and he was winning!  Anyway, we survived and made it to Seattle.  Now the previous two trips to Seattle Airport were stop at one terminal let people off, add a few more and the off to Anchorage.  However, this year we had to change carriers and wow what a trek across Washington state.  As John Forrester would later tell us, Delta's terminal is in Tacoma and Alaska's terminal is in Seattle.  Quite a trip down stairs, up and down escalators and two trams and voila our new terminal.  I promise if you'd had to walk that it would have been at least 2 to 3 miles.  But we made it.  And on to Anchorage (John had joined us in the airport for the last leg) and on to Kotzebue.  Quite a long day I must say....lots of headaches and bodyaches but we arrived safely.

At the Kotzebue airport, we got off and met Teri and John Mark Forrester and stood and waited for our luggage. And we waited. And we waited and we waited. And oh there's my bad, whew!  And we waited some more, but no sign of Ronnie's bag!!!! NOOOOOOO! 3000 miles away and no clothes?! Yuck.  Luckily, John was friends with the Alaska rep in the airport and she quickly got on the job. Come to find out Ronnie's bag never got on the plane in Atlanta?! And was currently in route via another set of planes up to Kotzebue.  And at 8am local time we have finally been reunited with the long lost bag.  I guess it liked probably wanted to eat at the Varsity!

Anyway....we had a nice dinner at a local restaurant and off to bed we went.  And so now I leave you with the latest pics and off to church we will go.  See ya soon.

The Wayward Bag has returned.

Russia is about 250 Miles that way.

Snow Mobiles.

FBC Kotzebue


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Amy said...


I was pleasantly surprised to see you had posted already! Glad y'all made it safe and Ronnie has his luggage. The pictures look cold, but I'm sure you are enjoying that part!