Monday, July 18, 2011

Price Check on Aisle 1

Ronnie and I were eating dinner last night (grilled cheese and chips) when he noticed something quite interesting......please note the price tag on this family size bag of doritos.  And no that is not a type-o!
And oh yeah, the only gas pump we saw yesterday the price was $6.65 a gallon for regular.  Now let me all hear you say it.......WOW! Yep shocking I know.  More to come....see ya soon.

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Amy said...

Holy Cow - I was just in Kroger fussing to Poptart about how much chips were costing nowadays! I refused to pay $3.69 for the Doritos and opted for the $1.99 bag of Cheetos. I can't imagine paying almost 11 bucks for one bag of chips. Yall better make those Doritos last ALL WEEK!

Love ya