Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top Ten Things I Love About Summer

In no particular order: 

My kids sleep late.  This particular summer something has come over my kids and they are sleeping until at least 9 am and sometimes even later than that.  Granted, they are staying up later than they do on school nights, but they've never slept this late on a regular basis, ever

I only work one job.  Preschool is out therefore transcribing is my only job (well, the only job I get paid for) during the summer.  Being home all day to type at my leisure cuts my stress level in half, probably more than half. 

The heat.  I know, the kind of heat we've had lately is not enjoyable, but I'm talking about just regular summertime warmth.  I love the fact that we can go outside without layering our clothing, putting on a coat, or wearing shoes. 

The spontaneity.  During the school year, we are in a "routine."  I am not here to tell you routines are bad, I for one, thrive on them.  And by the time school rolls around again I will be yearning for a routine.  But for now, the spontaneity is refreshing.  Yesterday, for example, because there was no good reason not to, we watched a movie (My Dog Skip) and ate popcorn in the very middle of the day.  Other days it might be a spontaneous trip to the library, the fountain to splash around and cool off, or the more rare but oh so enjoyable trip to Baskin Robbins.  (They owe me a strawberry milkshake by the way, the last time I went, they were out of strawberry ice cream, can you believe it?!?)

The company.  When this week is over, we will have had two nights where we had a guest over for dinner.  Remember when we first moved into this house I said my goal was to open up my home and be more hospitable? I'm trying!  Of course, the majority of our company in the summertimes is children, and that's fun too. 

Fruit.  I love to sit on my backporch swing and eat an orange, or a peach, or strawberries in the heat of summer. 

Lemonade.  See above. 

More time to read.  Just finished a book titled "Look Again" by Lisa Scottoline.  I had never read a book like that - it was a mystery I guess you'd say, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Watching Price Is Right with my kids.  Once they do drag their lazy tails out of bed, we enjoy watching Price Is Right together.  It's good wholesome TV, which is lacking these days, and we love trying to guess the answers.  Of course, watching people act like goofballs is an added bonus. 

Water.  The sprinkler, the water hose, the fountain in front of Penney's, the pools in our friend's backyards, and water balloon fights.  Nothin' says summer like playing in the water. 

Enjoy your summer, my friend!

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Kim said...

Love this list! My girls are sleeping in a little later, too. Actually, my 13-year-old would sleep until noon if I let her, so I've had to institute a policy of UP BY 9:00. She's not too happy about that, but oh well.