Friday, June 17, 2011

Is This True For Your Town?

We don't watch movies that much, but every now and then we will get the bug.  Poptart and I are the biggest movie fans in our family.  There's just something about a "family movie night" with popcorn, M&M's,  and Coke in the comfort of your living room. 

We were to have such a night last weekend but alas it wasn't to be.  Already having checked the free movies available through Comcast, we decided we would go rent one the "old-fashioned way." 

We made the drive to Blockbuster.  We are making the longer drive to Blockbuster because our Movie Gallery left town several months ago. 

When we first moved to this thriving little suburb of our capital city, there were 3 movie rental stores.  One left soon after we arrived (can't remember its name, but I do not think it was a major chain) so that left Movie Gallery and Blockbuster.  Movie Gallery was closest to us so that's the one we visited most often. 

On one of those visits, after parking and walking halfway to the door, I realized the building was completely empty.  Gone.   Apparently, Movie Gallery filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and closed all their stores. 

So that left us Blockbuster.  A little farther drive but we had no choice. 

On that particular night last week when we drove to Blockbuster, we were greeted by a big banner with "Closing Sale" written on it.  What?!?  They're leaving us too?  We went in anyway and shopped around (they are selling all their movies for pretty cheap). 

So let's do the math. 

      3 movie rental stores here
-    3 movie rental stores gone
     0 movie rental stores left

Apparently I didn't realize how "old-fashioned" it was to go to a movie rental store like Blockbuster!  I read online and found out that there are still some Blockbuster's open but they are seriously downsizing and considering putting in kiosks at different stores (i.e. Redbox).  Well, I guess that could work. 

What else could work is going to the theater, for cheap, which is what we are doing next Friday night for the Cars 2 premiere!  Groupon had a Fandango coupon for $4 movie tickets.  I snatched two of them up quick as I could.  Then, believe it or not, Brad called in to a radio station to identify an audio clip from a movie, and won 2 free tickets to the movies!  So now all 4 of us can go to the movies for $8 bucks!  If only I could find a cheap way to buy popcorn.......

But what will we do when we don't "win" tickets to a movie?  I know, I know, there's Netflix, Redbox, Comcast, Hulu, etc.,etc., blah, blah.  But aren't you gonna miss walking the aisles of your local movie store covering your children's eyes so they can't see the explicit/graphic/gruesome covers on the shelves?  Okay, maybe I won't miss that part.     

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