Monday, May 9, 2011

Again, A Day Late

Yesterday was Mother's Day and for the first time since I've been a "grown-up" I cooked for my mother on Mother's Day. 

My parents made the hour-or-so drive to our town and attended church with us.  Then we came home and had lunch together. 

I'm not all that confident in my cooking, but I guess all-in-all it went okay, even if my dessert was a box of Blue Bunny Ice Cream Bars. 

My family made it a terrific day for me as well.   I received a super-sweet handprint/poem Poptart made at school, a bag of M&M's in a card from my hubby, and a couple of handmade cards the kids made at church.  Gogurt's had the following inscription:

Thank you for:
  • feeding me
  • loving me
  • teaching me about Jesus and,
  • feeding me! and,
  • feeding me!

You're welcome son, but I can't wait until you are of legal age to get a job and help with the grocery bill. 

I heard on the radio the results of a survey.  When moms were asked what they wanted for Mother's Day, candy, flowers, etc. did not top the list.  The #1 answer was "well-behaved kids!"

I had to remind my two of this a couple of times last night. 

Even though I am once again a day late, Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers!

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