Friday, February 25, 2011

Closing a Chapter

Our renters move in this weekend.  I'm almost giddy about this - - all of our hard work (cleaning, painting, etc) is finally going to pay off!  I hope they make as many good memories in that house as we did. 

Meanwhile, now that that house isn't taking up every waking moment, I can sit back and enjoy this one, and that is exactly what I plan to do today.  I realized the other day that in the 2 weeks we've been in here, I haven't had an entire day by myself in this house yet.  Between sick children staying home from school and Brad taking off days from work for various reasons, it just hasn't happened.  Yes, I've had a couple of hours, after getting home from preschool and before the bus ran, to myself, but not an official whole day.   So what do I plan on doing today?  As little as possible! 

In case you are having moving-posts fatigue, I'm here to go on record that this will be the very last post about this for a very long time, 'cuz

It's time to move on.......

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