Monday, February 28, 2011

E-Mealz, It's Worth a Try!

I've bought groceries every way imaginable.  I bet you have too. 

I've made menus for 2 weeks at a time, constructed my grocery list from the menu, then bought the items needed.  I've shortened the menus to 1 week at a time and done the same thing.  Most frighteningly, I've even walked in the grocery store with no menu and no list and just waited for inspiration to strike as I strolled the aisles.  This, I can tell you, is not the smartest way to do it. 

I heard someone say once that they don't mind cooking, it's the figuring-out-what-to-cook that becomes a chore.  I totally, whole-heartedly agree! 

Enter e-mealz

I heard Dave Ramsey endorse e-mealz on his radio show.  I once saw a lady with an e-mealz grocery list shopping in Kroger.  And last, a teacher-friend at work was telling us how she signed up for it and so far is liking it. 

So I made the plunge.  I signed up, for $5 a month, for someone else to plan my menu and make my grocery list.  Yes, you heard right.  For $5 a month (and you have to pay three months at a time), e-mealz will send you a 7-day meal plan and a coordinating grocery list to go with it.  The plan is posted every Sunday which works out well for me since I usually buy my groceries on Monday anyway. 

Of course, you can still pick and choose what meals you want to make.  For instance, one of the meals this week was cheesy enchiladas, but we just had enchiladas a few nights ago.  So I marked that meal off the list.  Each meal is numbered, and on the grocery list, beside each item, is the coordinating meal number.  Just say cheesy enchiladas was meal #4.  I went to the list and marked off any item that had #4 beside it.  Also, I rarely, okay never, cook 7 big meals in a row.  We are not afraid to eat leftovers, so my family could probably make 5 meals last for 7 days. 

E-mealz generates the meals from what your chosen store's sales are for that week.  Saving money will be nice, but the convenience of it all will be even nicer!

I can't wait to see if this actually works for me.  If it doesn't, I'm out $15 bucks.  If it does, I've saved my sanity! (and hopefully some money as well!)

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Jennifer said...

I'll be looking forward to hearing how you like this idea ... I tell people all the time that I don't mind cooking if someone will just tell me what to cook. I just wonder how it works with incredibly picky kids . . .