Friday, November 12, 2010

Me and My Big Mouth

This past summer, we had a great time at a local Fly-In.  I posted pictures of the kids and Brad in the airplanes ready for their flights.  You can see them here if you missed them the first time around. 

Apparently, I made a promise to a gentleman from our church who was also in attendance that next time there was a fly-in, I would go up if he would go up with me.  I'm not sure the state of mind I was in when I spoke this promise.  I'm guessing the heat had gotten to me, maybe?

Of course, my memory had let me forget that promise...but the gentleman reminded me of it last Sunday night.  I stammered around and mumbled something about checking my calendar, but he laughed and said I couldn't get out of it.  A promise is a promise. 

So tomorrow morning we are headed to the pasture runway, and I will fly. 

Am I nervous?  Extremely.  I firmly believe God made my feet to stay on the ground.  It's not that I haven't flown before, but my two previous flights were on jet airplanes, you know the Southwest, Delta, etc. kind, not the two-seater with a weedeater engine.  Those little planes make me very, very nervous. 

But, I'm gonna keep my word.  I'm gonna fly. 

It was nice knowing ya. 

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