Monday, December 14, 2009

I Really Wasn't Gonna Go There, But......

I can't stand it any longer.  Tiger, Tiger, Tiger. 

When I first heard the breaking news of the wreck in his driveway, I hoped for the best but expected the worst. 

 I'm not sure why stories like this intrigue me so much.  Cases like OJ, Anna Nicole, and the endless parade of politicians brought down by improprieties do interest me.  Like I said, I'm not sure why.  Maybe I wonder what power, money, fame would do to me.  Or better yet my husband.  Was there a character flaw there before they had everything at their disposal?  Or was it the power, money, and fame that brought them down?

Let's think about Tiger for a minute.  From what we knew, he was squeaky clean.  But we only knew what the media told us, and apparently the media was fed a fine-tuned image from Tiger and his "people".  But for years Tiger was the ultimate role model, and a heck of a golf player.  I mean, had you ever enjoyed watching golf before Tiger?  I certainly had not.  But I liked watching Tiger play golf.  (Knowing what we now know, isn't it even more amazing that he was so good at a game that requires so much concentration?  Since we now know he wasn't even thinking about golf?!?!?)

And then there was his dad.  What a sweet story.  Tiger and his dad.  I wonder what his dad would say to him now. 

But all that squeaky clean image came to a screeching halt when he ran into that tree.  Man, I bet he wishes he had just stayed in his house - seriously, isn't his house big enough to just get away from whomever you are trying to get away from? 

And since the accident, we've heard of all his women.  I have personally watched two of them be interviewed on The Today Show.  And here's what I say to them.  Shame on you.  Shame. On. You. 

I don't know what is going to happen to Tiger.  He has already lost one of his sponsors, and I'm certain more will follow.  Now he has announced an indefinite leave from golf.  Someone compared this *crisis* to the Kobe Bryant crisis.  They said it took Kobe at least a good five years to recover and reclaim his image, and that it would probably take that or longer for Tiger. 

Whether Tiger decides to stay in hiding the rest of his life (which I highly doubt), or if he decides to come forward and face the music and make a grand re-entrance into the celebrity world (he would need to do this quickly though, Oprah isn't gonna be around much longer), the public overall will be forgiving.  Especially men.  It might take us women a little longer to warm back up to him. 

Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say something most women would cringe at.  I hope Elin stays with him.  And I hope that years and years from now, when all the pain has subsided but not disappeared, they are stronger than ever.  They could be an example of a couple who puts their mind and heart and soul into saving their marriage and then proving it can be done. 

This, of course, depends mostly on Tiger's attitude and repentance.  He has to change.  I would not recommend Elin to stay otherwise. 

And I can't close without saying the most obvious thing....this family needs to find the loving arms of Jesus.  That will be the only way Tiger and Elin will ever truly find forgiveness, for themselves and for each other. 

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