Tuesday, December 15, 2009

OK, Now it's Christmas....

I finally found my all-time favorite version of Mary Did You Know to share with you.  If you have never heard this version, please click here and listen to Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd sing it. 

We were later than ever putting up our Christmas tree this year.  Just did it Saturday....the kids were about to go crazy without our tree up.  I honestly think I could have gone right on through Christmas without one.  Sad, I know.  But I'm slowly getting into the Christmas mood.  I've done a few Christmas cards, pulled out the Christmas music, and of course, I have been drowning in glue and glitter at preschool.  My friend and teacher of the other 4-year-old class came to my classroom door and showed me another craft-thing she was making with her class.  A last-minute thumbprint Christmas tree on tile.  I must have had a fatigued look on my face--she asked if I had reached my crafty limit.  Why yes, yes, I have.  Thanks for noticing.  Three ornaments, manger scenes, wreaths, and a Christmas bell picture isn't enough?  And all those things included markers, glue, glitter, and an assortment of other craft supplies.  Yes.  I've reached my limit.  But, I did quickly come up with a more legitimate excuse, I had two kids in speech at the time and therefore would simply not have time!  There. 

Speaking of preschool, our Christmas program is tomorrow.  Poptart has a speaking part, as do each of the 4-year-olds.  Practice today was, well, a little chaotic, but I have no doubt they will be on their best behavior tomorrow....right?

After the program we will go back to the classrooms for our parties and then it's bye-bye until next year.  I can't believe it's Christmas break already.  I do believe this year is going by faster than last.  Scary.

And on a different but similar note, Brad finished his first semester at seminary!  I can't believe it!  It seems like just yesterday we were in such a quandry as to whether step out on faith and do the seminary thing.....but God has provided!  Praise the Lord!


Jennifer said...

I am impressed that you even made it to the glitter and glue ... I thought your "crafty" limit hit at markers!

Kim said...

The very first time I heard Mary Did You Know, it was the Rogers/Judd version and I just loved it. I've heard different versions since then, but I have to admit I like Rogers/Judd the best. I was surprised to find out that it was written by Mark Lowry! Who knew that a goofy guy known for his comedy could write such a beautiful song—just goes to show you how the Lord works through people.