Friday, July 17, 2009

Summers Around Here

My children's first choice for a summer activity would be this: a yard full of friends. And this is not all of them, this is just the ones that happened to be home to gather on this particular day. On another day it might be a different group. But nonetheless, a watermelon break on a summer day is pretty good don't you think? And yes, Poptart hangs with all these boys. She can swing a lightsabre with the best of 'em.

All good things must come to an end though, and last week most of the kids around here were gone to dads' houses, grandmother's house, or on vacation. So my kids had to be each other's company. The pool seemed like a good idea, so we filled it up and hopped in. Gogurt likes the water, but Poptart loves the water. She always stays in longer than Gogurt does. They were actually getting along quite well in the pool when this picture was made.

But alas, getting along with each other also comes to an end and they want to do something alone. Or should I say, Momma gets so tired of the arguing, I force them to do something alone.This is what Poptart chose. (I told you she likes water). This bucket is full of water, and she is "washing dishes." And getting soaking wet.

Gogurt chose to build a "fort" and hide from the enemies that are lurking all around us. (I think he looks so cute in a hat, he should wear one more often). His worst enemy, a.k.a Poptart, was busy in her bucket of water so he could play in peace, but then again, do you really want peace when you are playing war?
So this solitude did not last long, not near long enough for me, but we can't get our every wish.

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