Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Little Heaven Talk

On our way to the ice cream shoppe to meet my mom and my two nieces for some ice cream, the kids and I were listening to our Alan Jackson CD in the car. Gogurt cued it to one of our favorite songs, "When We All Get to Heaven," and the following conversation ensued:

Poptart: "Momma, when are we gonna be in heaven with Jesus?"

Me: "I don't know, sweetheart. Nobody knows. We will either die and go to heaven, or we will be alive to see Jesus coming down from the sky to take us to heaven."

Poptart: "I need to know what Jesus looks like so I'll know it is him."

Me: "Oh, you'll know it's Him. He'll be the only person you've ever seen coming down from the clouds. Everybody will know it is Him."

Poptart: "What will we do in heaven?"

Me: "Praise Jesus, forever and ever and ever." "And we will get a crown and a mansion, but I believe all we'll really want to do is praise God."

Poptart: "What color crown will I have?"

Me: "Umm, I'm not sure." "What color would you like to have?"

Poptart: "Well, on Barbie and the Diamond Castle, she had a purple crown so I want a purple crown."

Me: "Ok, I'm sure Jesus will work that out."


Michael said...

What a great moment - talk about a teachable moment.


Amy-Brad said...


Good to hear from you. Glad you are following along on our blog! Hope you are doing well. BTW, I couldn't get your blog to pull up? Is it still active?


Anonymous said...

Just read your Thursday post and yes I am behind
and it is hard for me to know this grandchild is only 4yrs old but she has always been a sponge (just like her brother)that soaks everything up and never forgets but her question are so what a lot of us adults would love to ask but just won't no wonder Jesus loved the little children.
Love you all & be glad when Friday rolls around, Nana