Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And We Get Paid For It?!?

About three weeks or so ago I received a phone call. Caller ID said "Nielsen Ratings." I almost didn't answer, and if Brad would have been here alone, I am sure he would not have answered. But, I can barely stand to hear a phone ring and not answer it. It's just hard for me. So I answered it.

They asked me if I would be interested in filling out a TV diary for their Nielsen Rating research. It's pretty simple. You fill out a few survey questions and then record your TV viewing habits for one week. The guide shows you just how to do it, the mark to make if your TV is off, the mark to make if your TV is on but no one is watching it, and so forth.

I was going to agree, and then the sweet lady told me I would get paid for doing this. Really? Yeah! 30 BUCKS! WOO HOO! Count me in!

I received the packet in the mail today. And inside was $30 in cold hard cash.

Our week starts Thursday. This should be fun, and probably guilt-inducing when I look back and see how much time we actually spend in front of our TV. But, I'll worry about that another day, right now I'm smelling the money, baby.


Anonymous said...

you are lucky I did it about 2 months ago but no hard cash for me. nana

Kingdom Mama said...

I can't believe it is $30! That's great! I did it for $5 a few years back.