Saturday, June 6, 2009

Zoo Trip

We took the kids to the zoo last are some pictures from our little trip.
Brad took this picture of a magnolia. We live in the Magnolia State, but I rarely see one up close and personal. We thought this one was beautiful!

We all love the giraffes. In fact, after reading that giraffes are the quietest animals on earth, I am constantly saying I want our family to be a giraffe family. Quiet. Also, they are just so unique and fascinating to watch. We watched the one in the picture go from a standing position to a sitting position. It was not easy for him to took him a minute or two.
Our zoo is pretty small, but I have to say they are trying to improve it in many ways. Brad had not been in several years, and he was quite surprised at how much it had improved in that time.
Here are our family's favorite animals from our trip:
Gogurt: Penguins
Poptart: Flamingos
Brad: Tigers
Amy: Giraffes


Anonymous said...

Hey Family ! Is this not the same place we took your picture back years ago when we came to see Brad that summer he worked in Jackson??? Pictures are great good to see the Mother in a picture too. Love you all, Nana & Pop

Amy-Brad said...

Yes Nana, you're right! I had totally forgotten about that trip to the zoo.....that was a loooonnnggg time ago wasn't it? It's a much better zoo now. Love y'all.