Friday, March 27, 2009

New Beginnings

Before I start my post, I must give a "Hallelujah! He's finally here!" shout out to my blogging friend Kingdom Mama. She gave birth to a beautiful son yesterday. All is well, and we will be waiting to hear more from her sincerest congrats to Sarah and her family!


Yesterday was quite a day. Nothing bad happened, no major trauma or anything, but I was extremely busy. Was at preschool until 1:30. When I got home I had so much typing to do I wanted to cry. One of my doctors is trying to catch up with his work and is dictating before hours and after hours. Good for the next paycheck, bad for my emotional stability.

The point of this post is NOT to gain self-pity. As I said in my last entry, I am so very blessed to do what I do. The point of this post is in fact to tell you what an amazing man I am married to.

I had barely sat down to start typing when he got home from work. He saw my fragile state and took control.

He made our menu for next week. He made the grocery list. He went to the grocery story and bought the groceries. He came home and cooked supper. He cleaned up after supper.

As if this was not enough, he skipped a once-a-month hangout-with-friends night to stay home and do all this for me.

A few years ago I would have struggled to find much of anything positive to say about my marriage. Some of you know the story. Some of you don't, and that is okay. Just know Brad and I have not been immune to Satan's attacks on marriages today. But God restored our marriage, and that is never far from our thoughts.

So, Brad, if you ever read this, thank you. For everything.

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