Monday, November 28, 2011

Rocket Reunion

Usually my life is pretty mundane and I have to search for things to post about.  The last few weeks however have been unusually busy for me and my family, and I haven't been able to keep up with my posts.  So even though Brad and I are getting home from a trip to Atlanta for Operation Christmas Child, I will post about something that happened last weekend first

Twenty years ago, I was a sophomore in high school.  Permed hair and cutoff bluejean shorts rolled up just like Baby wore them in Dirty Dancing.  Oh yeah, times were good, and to make things even better, the high school basketball team I was on went to and won the Girls 4A State Championship. 

Twenty years later, I received an invitation in the mail.  It asked for all the team members of the championship team to return home to be recognized at halftime of a basketball game.  Wow!  Had it really been 20 years?  In some ways it seems like yesterday, but in other ways, it seems like that wasn't even really me.  I am a different person now, back to my naturally straight hair and all.  

So I dug out my old letter jacket, went through old newspaper clippings, and put on my championship ring.  It was a walk down memory lane for sure!  Here I am posing (I'm trying to imitate a senior portrait pose here people) for a picture before we left for the game: 

The current players and cheerleaders made a victory line for us as we were introduced one by one: 

Afterwards, we were honored to a reception and I brought in the family and snapped a picture with our Championship Trophy: 

Here's a group photo of our championship team plus the team from the year before who went to the Championship Game as well and came up only 2 points short!

There's a nice article in The Neshoba Democrat about our little reunion. I had a great time even though it did make me feel a little old!