Monday, November 14, 2011

The Most Used Words or Phrases in My House

A few nights ago, I believe we were on the way home from church, a random conversation started, the kind of conversation that can only happen with the people that live with you day in/day out and know (almost) your every thought. 

If we made a list of the most used words or phrases in our home, what would it be?  Funny, serious, sad, happy, and sometimes maybe embarrassing, here's what we came up with in that oh-so-random conversation. 

In no particular order, mind you: 

  • What?  Sometimes said with sarcasm, but mostly just said when you weren't really paying attention to the conversation until you hear something that piqued your interest.  Sometimes the person talking answers the question, but mostly we say something like "I'm not repeating myself." 
  • I'm hungry.  If I ranked this list, this would probably be on top.  And will someone tell my children that repeating this phrase over and over does not magically make food appear in our cabinet or refrigerator or a wonderfully prepared meal appear on the table?  Gogurt's favorite time to repeat this phrase is first thing in the morning, especially Saturday and Sunday morning when he comes to cuddle in the bed with us but ends up repeating this phrase numerous times and ends up angering his mother. 
  • I'm thirsty.  See above. 
  • Stop.  Well, this is used lots and lots between siblings and parent-to-child. 
  • Be still.  Unfortunately, this is not used in the context of one of my favorite Bible verses, but rather in the context of my son who is possibly the most fidgety human being on the planet. 
  • I love you.  We do say this a bunch to our kids.  Brad and I probably should say it more, or at least I know I should, but my kids hear it several times a day.  Hopefully, this is the phrase they will remember from their childhood and not one of the others. 
  • Are these clean or dirty?  Dishwasher, clothes in the floor, etc.  It always amazes me how my family members will walk across the length of the house to come find me and ask me if the dishes in the dishwasher or clean or dirty.  Why can't they just open the door and look?  Hmmm......
  • This room is a mess.  Self-explanatory.
  • Is it hot or cold today?  'Cuz we have to know what to wear to school. 
  • When are we going to Disneyworld?  We've brought this one on ourselves because we've been discussing the possibility, so now our kids, especially Poptart, asks this question at least a few times a week. 
  • Have a good day!  I yell this every morning as I watch my kids walk to the bus. 
  • Do you have any homework?  Sometimes this question works, sometimes it doesn't, like the other night when Gogurt only remembered he did in fact have homework after he had already gone to bed. 
  • No/not right now.  Used to answer questions about whether we will buy them something at the store, whether or not we want to play Candyland for the 80th millionth time, whether their brother/sister will let them have a certain toy, etc.  I don't like using the word no too much, brings upon too much guilt for me to handle, but I have gotten better at it as my kids have gotten older.  For instance, if one of my children asked me this question today, "Momma, will it traumatize me if you do not stop what you are doing (i.e. working to put food in your ever-hungry little mouths) and watch me jump off the couch?"  I could answer guilt-free, "NO".  Now, in my mind, there has to be a balance in your house between your yes' and your no's.  I don't say yes all the time, but I certainly don't say no all the time either.  It's that balance I've been searching for for the past 10 (almost 11!) years of being a mother.  Too many yes' and you have a spoiled child who thinks they get and deserve a parent's attention more than anything else.  Too many no's and you have a child who thinks they are not important to their parents at all.  Yikes.  I don't know if I've found the perfect balance, but for the purposes of this list, I'm just sayin' I finally know how to say No to my kids without worrying about it for the next 10 seconds minutes.  And may I just add that I've never worried about saying no to material things - I really could care less about what they's the emotional things I worry about.  Saying no when what they want is me and my t-i-m-e.  That's the tough one. 
  • Someone say the blessing.  Fortunately, my family is all home in the evenings to eat dinner together around the table.  Unfortunately, this is a time that usually falls apart with Brad irritated at Gogurt's smacking or messiness or Poptart's pickiness as to what is on her plate.  I'm usually tired by this time of the day and have no patience for any irritability.  Can't we all just get along?!?!?!
  • Go get in the tub.  What ages are children when they self-initiate their bathing?  I would be curious to know how long my kids would go before they themselves said, "Whew, I think I need a bath."  I'd probably be embarrassed to find out...
  • Can I play the Wii/the computer/Daddy's iPhone?    I wish, wish, wish I had a dime, a nickel, even a penny for every time I've heard this! 
Okay, so there it is.  A list of the most used phrases or words in my home.  Is it just me or is it a little sad?  I think I should try to say more uplifting things in my home, go around quoting scriptures, speak in a British accent or something so my next list will look and sound a little more "perfect."  Yeah, right. 

Think about what you say in your home.  Are there phrases you repeat every day almost without fail?  It's an interesting thing to think about, a very convicting thing to think about actually. 

Happy Monday - have a good week!


Jennifer said...

This is easy ... it is 10:24 in the morning and I have said "get the light sabers out of the living room" and "please stop trying to kill each other" at least twice already! Another favorite is "there is no such thing as 'fair'" ... my kids really hate that one!

Good list ... I don't think I want to think too much about what else is repeated in this house, it might shatter your image of me! Ha!

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