Thursday, August 18, 2011

Well, I've done it again.  I've let entirely too many days go by without posting.  Here comes the old excuse... wait for it....i'm back in school. 

Every single year when I meet my new "batch" of kids, I think *what a breeze this year is gonna be!*.  Then the kids start loosening up with each other, with me, and before long, I'm wondering what happened to those sweet little 4-year-olds I started the year off with. 

But, I think this year will be different.  Really.   Seriously!   I have possibly the sweetest little group of girls ever created, and my 2 boys seem to be very, very low on the "rowdy scale."  Okay people, this is totally doable!  And if find out in a few weeks that these kids have totally snookered me into believing I'm the luckiest teacher ever, I'll let you know. 

Fifth grade is off with a bang for Gogurt.  Reading project (due tomorrow), science project (due next Friday) and homework every night.  We had "the talk" last night (umm, not that talk), the responsibility talk.  The "I'm-not-going-to-remind-you-every-night-that-your-project-is-due-in-2-days" talk.   We reminded him he is in 5th grade now, it's NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY to remind him to do his homework/projects.  Tough love so to speak.  We'll see how it goes.....

First grade is suiting Poptart just fine.  The reports I get from Poptart about school are to tell me who she saw where.  "I saw Gogurt in the cafeteria, and I saw Tyler coming out of music, and I saw Allyssa on the playground"  and on and on and on. 

I am very, very thankful to such a good start to our school year. 

Speaking of starting a school year, Hannah is officially, officially, a Bulldog.  Official meaning finally attending classes.  Oh, how I miss those days!  (Not the going-to-class part, but the finally-on-my-own part).  Be good Hannah, and I'm waiting to see you here at your favorite aunt's blog.  Check in every now and then wouldya?  BTW, don't forget we'll be up there September 24th for the football game!!!

Have a good one!

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