Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More, Better Wedding Photos

Brad scanned a few wedding pictures into the computer and I wanted to share them with you!  The picture of a picture I did this morning was, in all fairness, pretty pathetic. 

BTW, I got roses, a Dr. Pepper, and some M&M's from my hubby today....I won't tell you which one of those three items I was most excited about receiving, but I bet you can guess!

Onto the pictures:

Hannah and Rebekah, seems like just yesterday they were this age!  Now they are both beautiful young ladies!

This is our wedding party, good-looking group, eh?  Funny thing, Brad and I are not married in this picture.  This was before the ceremony. 

During the 15-minute ceremony.  No kidding, 15 minutes long. 


Now, we are married, can't you tell by the smiles?  This is one of our favorite photos from our weddding.  Could be because I thought my cake was phenomonal.  Almost didn't have flowers on it though because the florist forget all the flowers for the cake and the cake table.  She had to go all the way back into town and get them. 

Now, I promise not to bore you with any more wedding photographs (until next year!)

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Jennifer said...

I do believe these are the first wedding pictures I've ever seen of y'all ... you look like babies! The pics are beautiful, btw! Hope you had a nice day!