Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Can't Wait to Get Old So I Can.....

Today is election day in Mississippi - a very big election day.  We vote on everything from Governor to our local sheriff.  For months we have enjoyed, some would say endured, political ads on the radio, the TV, and yesterday alone I received seven robocalls reminding me to vote and telling me who to vote for. 

More than the advertisements on our media outlets, the road signs have become almost humorous.  They are everywhere.  But the one that takes the cake in our neck of the woods was the really tall deer stand that had "VOTE FOR JAY" printed in huge letters down the front.  The first time we saw it, we didn't know who Jay was or what Jay was even running for, but his creative signage prompted us to come home and look him up.  In that case, the road sign, or should I say the deer-stand sign worked! 

I haven't been out yet this morning, but I can only imagine the signs that popped up last night near our local library where we vote.  There will be people sitting in lawn chairs holding an umbrella to shade the sun with one hand and a political sign in the other.  Of course, they have to stay a certain number of feet away from the door, and at our particularly polling place, this has never been a problem. 

I love to vote, and  I love to take my kids with me to watch me vote.  It's just so American.  

What will be even more American is when I am old enough to work at the polling booth myself.  (I haven't checked to see if there is an official age requirement, but everybody I've ever seen working at our precinct is at least 65 years old).  When my kids are grown and gone and I have nothing else to do, I'm going to work for the polls.  I'll sit at the table and find your name in the book.  By then we will probably have Voter ID so I'll have to check your ID as well.  I won't ask you who you are voting for, but I will thank you for voting.  I can't wait!

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