Friday, May 20, 2011

But Before That, This

A couple weeks ago, Brad and I were told of an opportunity to help spread the word about Operation Christmas Child at a Gaither Concert.  We would be working together at the booth giving out brochures, pens, refrigerator magnets, etc. while encouraging people that may be familiar with the ministry to become a year-round volunteer and encouraging those who had never packed a shoebox to pack one this year! 

With the busyness of this week, I knew this was coming up but had not really stopped to give it much thought.  My thoughts have been on the out-of-town trip this weekend (today actually) to my niece's graduation/graduation party.  But before that, this:

When we were asked to work at the OCC booth, we wondered if we would be able to hear the concert from our booth.  Ummm, yes.  We were not sitting at our booth listening to the concert as we imagined we would be. We were inside, attending the concert, and good grief, what a concert it was!

Hard to believe, but this is the first time either Brad or I have ever seen Bill Gaither in person.  (And when I saw the price on the ticket, I know why!)  When the concert started, I have to admit I wasn't expecting much.  I guess I had the image of a bunch of older people sitting around the stage singing Kum Ba Yah (Gaither is 75 years old ya know).  I couldn't have been more wrong! 

In fact, I wasn't even sure we'd see the Gaithers.  I figured they would start with lesser known singers then work their way up to the Gaithers at the very end.  We had already decided to leave after intermission was over because both of our kiddos were at a friend's house and we did not want to impose too late into the night.  So, whatever they did before intermission would be all we got to see, and really, I didn't expect to see much. 

When the lights came up, Bill Gaither himself was standing on stage.  So much for waiting until the end.  He was basically the "host" for the night.  Artists would come out, sing, talk to Bill, then more would come out, then the Gaither Vocal Band stayed on stage until intermission. 

There was some unbelievably talented people there.  David Phelps is unreal, Mark Lowery is the comic relief, and Michael English was very, very good too!  Of course, what do you say about Bill Gaither?  To think I was looking at the man who wrote songs like, "There's Something About That Name," "Because He Lives," "Family Of God," and "The Longer I Serve Him."  Whoa and double Whoa.  Then you look over at goofball Mark Lowery and realized he wrote, "Mary Did You Know?"  Triple Whoa. 

The Martins were there and since our booth was right next to theirs, I couldn't help but asking for a picture!  This group has perhaps the best harmony of any group I've ever heard.....

Here's to Samaritan's Purse who allowed us to have tickets to a concert we otherwise would not have had!  Invite us back anytime!!!!

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Jennifer said...

Okay, let me begin by saying how jealous I am ... and then saying that you should have left the kids with us, I bet you could have stayed the whole time and not kept us up any later than normal.

I hope y'all have a great weekend with family!