Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Open House

No, I'm not having an open house per se, but I am making a conscious decision to have an open home

And not just for kiddos.  My home has always been open for neighborhood kids, school friends, church friends, and the like.  On the weekends you can almost bet money there's more kids in this house than I actually birthed. 

I'm talking about, deep breath, adults. 

I have never been the hostess type.  Heck, I'm still not the hostess type.  But I'm making a determined effort to be more hospitable in this home.  It's clean (for now), and I am hoping if I schedule some sort of get-together every few weeks months,  I will be more inclined to keep it clean (forever). 

Last Saturday night was our Sunday School party.  We had it here, and I think it was lots of fun.  Just sitting around talking, eating, and playing Pictionary on Poptart's easel.  I did think about taking pictures, but when I got my camera out to share with you all, I realized my card was full so I have zero pictures of our party.  

I have already volunteered to host a baby shower for my teacher-friend here at my house in May.  This makes me quite nervous although I'm not sure why.  Another teacher thankfully offered to "co-host" with me.  I think she could sense my trepidation about hosting it in the first place. 

I have always considered myself and my home pretty open, but having a friend drop in is alot different than hosting parties and showers. 

I'm gonna hang in there though and see how this whole hospitality thing goes. 

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Anonymous said...

I know I promised to share pictures, since I was the only one who actually took pictures ... but my internet has become possessed for the moment and until Ronnie figures out what is wrong, I can't do anything!

The party was wonderful, though and I am sure that your baby shower will go just as well!