Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inventive Spelling

Poptart is finishing up her Kindergarten year, and all of a sudden she has become a writing machine.  At school, they are encouraged to write, write, and write some more. They use a method called "inventive spelling" where the child is encouraged to write a word as it sounds, not necessarily as it is actually spelled.  Then as the process continues, they begin learning how to spell the words correctly.  I didn't know I was a fan of this method, but it seems to be working with Poptart.  I don't think she would be so willing to write if she were under the pressure to spell all the words just right.  

Above is a picture of her easel.  It is a list of things her and a certain friend are going to do when that friend comes over to play. 

(No, we haven't gotten a dog, guess #2 and # 14 is just wishful thinking?)

I have to say it's cutsie to see a 5-year-old writing this way, but it irks me to see businesses with their names misspelled.  For example, somewhere like "Katy's Katfish" or "The Koffee Kup" would be hard pressed to get my business.  I get the K theme, but really, it just doesn't seem so cutsie when adults do it.  

For now, I absolutely love reading what Poptart writes.  She writes letters to her Daddy, her brother, and me, and she makes lists - she's made several lists concerning her upcoming birthday.  I would not dare point out all her spelling errors to her, and I have to threaten Gogurt about doing it.  He loves pointing out all her mistakes, but then again what are brothers for? 

Hav A Gud Day!

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