Friday, February 11, 2011

I've Been Waiting Three Years To Post This

Remember when I posted this back in August?  Well, I'm happy, happy, happy to tell you that Brad's first cousin has done his time and is getting out today!

Right now, as we speak, his wife should be there and the process should be underway for him to walk out of that prison. 

Brad and I are both waiting on our phone calls!  We can't wait to talk to him (without the lovely beeping in the background) for as long as we want, not just the allotted 15 minutes!

We have loved and supported them through this, and I want you to know it hasn't always been pretty or easy.  In fact, it's mostly been very hard and sometimes very, very ugly. 

Things aren't going to magically be "happily ever after" just because he is out, but as his wife has been saying lately, "Focus on the positives."  Sounds cliche, but in this situation, believe me, it's the best attitude for everyone involved.  There's plenty of negatives, but for today and each day following, let's all focus on the positives. 

And today, there is an easy positive to find - He is coming home! 

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