Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Untitled Post

I had decided what I was going to post about next but now I simply cannot. 

Nothing seems more important than this. 

I know very few details, but I want to gather our blogging community around my cousin Wendy. Her daughter Allison passed away today. 

My eyes cannot believe those words, even as my fingers type them.  I want to delete it and somehow make it not true. 

My tears are falling, not for Allison - she is in the arms of our Savior, the One who created her!  She will never again have to endure pain, go to another doctor's visit, or experience another seizure.  Hallelujah!  She's been made whole!

My tears are for the ones left behind.  I cannot imagine their grief, their pain. 

Wendy is a reader of this blog, and I would like to ask my other readers to lift her in prayer today.  

Thank you. 


Jennifer said...

Oh, Amy ... I don't have any words for except that I am so sorry for your family and I will be praying for all of you, especially Wendy.

Rie said...

Amy, I am so very sorry for Wendy, her family - your family. The thought of that pain is devestating to any one, but a mother's heart stretches thin over this. Just the thought.

Yes, we will lift up in prayer.

Peggy said...

Amy, We are so sorry to hear about Allison and we will keep you all in our prayer and also pray for God to give you the words that will comfort Wendy in some way. Please give your family our deepest sympathy. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

This is Wendy and I thank everyone for their prayers. I do need them. I just wanted to share this that the night before Allison passed away, I had filled out some paperwork for her social worker in ellisville. One of the questions was "what are your hopes, desires dreams for Allison's future?"...and I said "Well, if God or science could heal chromosomes..that would be great but if not I just hope Allison can reach her full potential and be safe and happy.----God did not fix this the way I wanted him to but within 24 hours, she reached her full potential with her glorified body in heaven and she is beyond safe and happy ...never to shed tears again.