Friday, October 22, 2010

This Time Of Year

Eighty degree days....perfect!  (For me anyway.)  The mornings and evenings have a little chill in the air but during the day it warms up quite nicely. 

This time of year is games, trips to the pumpkin patch, homecoming parades, and it's all done without having to bundle up in coats, gloves, and hats. 

However, this time of year always brings a point of disagreement between my husband and me.  In the car or in the house, he still thinks it is AC-on kind of weather.  I think it is AC-off kind of weather.  So the battle goes on and on every day.  But since I'm here during the days and he's not, guess who gets to control the AC?  But as soon as he walks in the door, he turns it down and I start reaching for one of the dozen blankets the kids and I keep handy around the living room. 

My question to him is always this - why does your comfort supercede mine?  There's never a good answer to this question except him mumbling something about the fact that I'm always cold which, by the way, is not always true. 

I'd like to say that disagreeing on the temperature of our house is the most serious thing we have to disagree about, but I'd be oh-so-wrong.  There are many things my hubby and I disagree on, some serious issues, some not-so-serious issues, but when I'm cold, I tend to be more disagreeable.  So honey, it's in your best interest to keep me comfy and warm. 

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Jennifer said...

Remember you can always add cloths but he can only take so much off, even in the house.