Friday, September 3, 2010

Our New Mornings

If you spent any time around Brad before school started, you probably heard his *glee* about our new morning routine.  For many, many years he has had to get up and get ready for work in utter silence so as to not wake anyone else up in the house.  And as many of you know, our house is a little bit bigger than tiny so this was not always easy. 

Things like digging ice out of the freezer for his morning Diet Coke and eating cereal out of a non-plastic bowl would drive me insane.  Hearing the spoon clink the sides of the bowl would wake the heaviest sleeper, right?  I have to say though over the years he had gotten extremely good at being quiet.  He would basically get up, get dressed, and walk out the door.  This meant alot of gas station breakfasts for my hubby (gasp!)

And it hasn't just been Brad.  For as long as Gogurt has been in school, he has had to be quiet in the morning so he would not wake his sister.  And believe me, he never learned how to be quiet like his dad did.  Popping doorknobs and slamming drawers shut put me over the edge.  Bless his heart, when he was in Kindergarten and Poptart was a baby, he would have to be quiet in the mornings and the afternoons because when he got off the bus she was back asleep for her nap.  It was never easy to keep him quiet or her asleep. 

But no more!  Now that we all have to get up, no one has to be quiet.  Well, let me put it another way.  The boys do not have to be quiet.  The two girls are quiet because we are not morning people.  Brad and Gogurt will have full-blown conversations.  All you get out of me and Poptart are a few groans. 

But then the bus comes, scoops up my kids, and then this weird thing happens every morning.  I step back in to a quiet house.  I'm still not used to that yet.

 I have noticed that I am more motivated to do housework at that moment for some reason.  I'm putting clothes in the washer, cleaning my kitchen, and making beds before 7 a.m.  But please don't be too proud of me, alot of days the housework I do in those early morning moments is the only housework I do for the rest of the day. 

This post has really had no meaning, and I understand that.  And because of this, it really has no good ending.  So I will just end this way. 

Have a good holiday weekend!

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