Friday, August 6, 2010

This Is It - Our Last Weekend of Freedom

Ready or not, here it comes - - school that is. 

Are we ready?  You bet your glue sticks we are!  We met the teachers last night, and Poptart loved her Kindergarten room so much that I think she would have spent the night there.  Gogurt's classrooms (he will switch between 2 classes this year) are starting to look not-so-babyish - - grown-up I guess you could say.  But he is in the 4th grade so I guess he is growing up. 

I'm not going to cry typing this post.  I will save that for Monday's post. 

For now, I will concentrate on our last free weekend before school starts.  A visit with grandparents, a trip to a local petrified forest, and of course church on Sunday.  

I plan on posting Monday morning after I put the kids on the bus.  That is, if I can see through my tears (of JOY!)

Have a great day!

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