Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Weekend In Oxford

Every year my family takes a trip, usually a "camping" trip to a state park where we rent a couple of cabins.  This year we did something a little different.  We rented a condo in the beautiful town of Oxford, Mississippi, home of the University Of Mississippi. 

Most of you know Brad and I are alumni of Mississippi State University as are my sister and my brother-in-law.  I am also proud to say that their older daughter has applied to MSU as well.  (We're so proud of you, Hannah!)  So for my family to go to the enemy's territory was a stretch, but we survived.  Not only did we survive, we ended up having a really, really great time! 

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Poptart's FAVORITE thing to do was swim in the pool.  From the time she got up, she was asking for someone to take her to the pool.  And usually there was someone who was happy to oblige.  I think she is half-fish!

Gogurt liked the pool too.  His favorite game to play was Monkey in the Middle. 

Not long after we arrived, someone noticed this nest of baby robins in the crepe myrtle.  Sitting on our balcony, you could watch the momma and daddy bird feeding the babies.  Everyone, especially my dad, enjoyed watching the birds. 

And of course, we had to have our picture made on Ole Miss' campus with our Mississippi State T-shirts on! 

This is my favorite picture of the whole trip (except maybe the one of my whole family).  Poptart and her two favorite cousins!  Aren't they all just beautiful??

After a long day of swimming, what's better than a donut, honey bun, ice cream, chocolate syrup, and M&M concoction?

And as with tradition, before we left, we all gathered for a group picture. 

So another year's "camping" trip is now history.  Next year we are headed to Lake Tia-O-Khata in Louisville, Mississippi.  I'm looking forward to it already!

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Peggy said...

Amy, Glad you all had such a good time and are back home safe. Is the lake you're going to next year the same one where we had your wedding rehearsal dinner almost 13 yrs.ago?