Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kodiak Day 1

     Bro. Don and I had a good morning in Anchorage.  We had about 8 hours of down time before we flew out to Kodiak.  So with that in mind, we of course slept in and enjoyed the morning, but of course my body still woke up at 6 am Central Time (3 AM HERE!!!).  Nonetheless a good restful night sleep.  After a quick shower, we headed over to the Country Kitchen for breakfast. We both had the Alaskan Omelette.  Complete with Reindeer Sausage!  Quite tasty I must say, but rough on the Infamous Skelton Colon!
     After a little sightseeing, we made our way back to the airport for our last leg of the trip to Kodiak.  Again, thank the Lord for a beautiful and flawless flight.  We were greeted by David George from the Chugach Assocation.  David, you will remember, spoke in 2009 at our Missions Conference. 
     David, Don and I spent the next two hours working on the "booth" for the Crab Festival.  I use the term booth very loosely.  It is actually a dog kennel.  10X10X6 black metal dog kennel.  We had to rig up some legs to make it taller for people to actually get inside it for the coffee and hot chocolate.  So we headed down to the local hardware store and picked up some metal conduit and cut it into two foot sections and added them to the bottom of the fence/kennel to make it taller.  It is working great, but the real test is tomorrow. 
    After the kennel addition, we headed over to Frontier Baptist to eat dinner and meet some of the team members.  We have people from Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Mississippi, Virginia, North Carolina and here in Kodiak.  After dinner, we had our Wednesday evening service here at Frontier.  Three of the Florida group are actually Methodists and they led our praise time.  It was phenomenal.  A guitar, trumpet, and a great vocalist.  Truly moving worship.  Don followed with a sermon about attitude which was very pointed and timely for our focus during this time of service. After the service, we all loaded up and went back to visit Ft. Abercrombie.  All in all a great time.
    So tomorrow starts the fun....and hopefully the weather will hold out.  Until tomorrow here's a few pics of our trip today......


Amy said...

A dog kennel? Interesting.....

Where's the rest of the pics?

Hope today goes great and there is no rain.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Had trouble with pics loading, somehow I loaded three and only one came out. Will try again later. Love B

pegleg60 said...

All I could picture was a dog crate like we used to put Maggie in but guess that's not a kennel.
Glad to hear things are going well! We all miss you very much see you soon!!!
Love, M & D