Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed!

       After a long and completely draining day of flying, Don and I have arrived in Anchorage.  Both flights went absolutely flawless and we are safely tucked away in our hotel here in downtown Anchorage.  Tomorrow afternoon, we will pick up on our second leg of the journey and head South to Kodiak. 
       Brenda and her team of students and workers are on their way to Homer to start the dreaded Ferry of Doom ride to Kodiak.  Don and I both agreed we would rather not have the experience of the Ferry of Doom ever EVER again.  So we will allow them the "joy" of that ride while we rest in comfort.  Anyway, we will let you know what we face tomorrow in Kodiak. 
       Pray that God will use us in a mighty way.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will be at work in us and in Kodiak.  We are eager to see Him move.  Until then....


Amy said...

Glad the flights went well. Hope you got a good night's sleep...We love you and miss you!

Amy, Marshall, and Sarah

pegleg60 said...

I am praising God for your safe trip and praying for you and Bro. Don as you fulfil yor promise to God. Love and Miss you! pegleg60

Jennifer said...

Glad y'all got there safely ... still praying for God to use you mightily over the next few days and looking forward to hearing (reading) what is going on!

Ronnie, Jennifer, and the kids