Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Trip to the Big Easy

If you've read Jennifer's blog, you already know about our trip to New Orleans this past Friday night.  We were there to take in an NBA game, the New Orleans Hornets versus the Utah Jazz.  To be honest, I had to read up on the Hornets on Wikipedia.  As much as I follow college basketball, I do not follow NBA basketball.   Going to an NBA game is not something Brad and I would have ever been able to do, (especially go and sit in a suite with free food and drink), so we thank our "friends in high places" who provided the tickets!

However, our trip to the Big Easy wasn't always easy.  There was a slight problem with our accomodations and we ended up in the van riding around New Orleans a little longer than expected.  I must say that I learned something great on this trip though.  Ronnie is cool under pressure.  Maybe it was because he had company along and he felt like he couldn't lose his cool, but either way he stayed cool as a cucumber.  Way to go my friend.    As I said many, many times, I'm just glad you were driving and not me. 

I don't have any pictures of the actual game.  The PA announcer asked no pictures to be taken.  That is definitely different than college! But I was a good little girl and didn't take any pictures of the game.  Once we went through those doors under "The Hub Club" sign, I was shown how "the other half" live.  Food, food, and more food.  Drinks, drinks, and more drinks (RC Cola never tasted so good).  Special seating just for the Hub Club guests.  Man, it was nice.  But as I began to look around, those people (whom I am assuming are either rich or just happen to know someone who can get them a free ticket) I realized they looked just the same as I did.  Normal. 

The next day we drove across the Causeway to Mandeville, LA.  Most of you know Brad and I lived there for almost 4 years and that Gogurt was born in nearby Covington, LA.  It was nice to see our old stomping grounds although it has changed ALOT.  Mandeville is alot bigger of a town than it was when we were there.  I am always flooded with memories when I return there.  It was nice to share some of those memories with friends. 

Ronnie also got to take a walk down memory lane.  He served at a church in Bogalusa, LA, and he took us there.  Very nice church in a beautiful rural area.  It seemed very cozy and down-home.  Even though we had lived so close to Bogalusa for those years, I had never been there so it was nice to have a personal tour guide! 

Of course with a previous seminary student and a current seminary student on board, we couldn't not ride through NOBTS.  It is a beautiful campus, and I think Brad wants to live there.  There and Alaska.  

I can't go without shouting out a word of thanks to my sister (and my mom who got them there and back) for keeping our two kids so Brad and I could do this with our friends.  It really means the world to me to know my kids are being taken care of.   

Here's a picture of Brad and me by Lake Pontchartrain.  We have another picture of this exact pose in this exact place from probably 11 or so years ago.  I would scan it in but it has been cut to fit a tiny, little Christmas ornament frame and is packed up with my Christmas stuff.  I don't want to show it to you that bad.  You'll just have to take my word for it.....we look EXACTLY the same!


Jennifer said...

He may not have been as "cool" as you thought, but I must give my hubby credit ... he fakes it well! Actually, he really does handle pressure pretty well ... and I am with you, I am glad that I wasn't driving! I'm glad the picture of you and Brad turned out since I really couldn't see anything. We really MUST do this again sometime!

Kim said...

My husband has no desire to visit New Orleans, but it's one place I'd really like to see someday. Add it to my bucket list!