Thursday, February 18, 2010

They're (Almost) Here.....

After a year or so of talking about it, it's finally happening.  Brad's parents are moving to Mississippi, to our city, and in fact, to our neighborhood. 

How do we feel about this move you ask?  We are excited, nervous, happy and a little anxious all rolled into one.  Brad and I have never in our married life (over 12 years!) lived in the same town, let alone the same neighborhood, with family.  When we were in Louisiana my family was 4 hours away and his parents were 8 hours away.  Then we moved back to Mississippi where my family was only 1 hour away and his parents were 5 hours away. 

They are moving from Scottsboro, Alabama, a wonderful small town nestled in a valley alongside the Tennessee River.  That is where Brad was born and raised, and his parents have lived there for all of their lives.  Brad left Alabama to come to college at Mississippi State which is where he met me and has never returned to live in Alabama. 

This transition will change the lives of everyone involved.  For Heaven's sake, I'm about to have babysitters!!!!  Just kidding - I have promised not to take advantage of them.  But it will be nice!

Many of you understand the aging parents thing.  And I definitely understand them wanting to be closer to their son so he can take care of them in their aging years.....

They should be arriving in a few hours.  They (them and their 2 dogs) will be staying with us for a few days until they can get into their house. 

I can't believe it's really, really happening!

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Jennifer said...

Welcome to Mississippi, Nana and Pop!