Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Day Trip

Poptart and I went to see my college roommate and her son on Saturday.  Fortunately, she lives in our college town and works on campus.  So she has to put up with me coming to her house every now and then and taking a stroll down memory lane.  She gives the best tours of campus and most every sentence spoken starts with "Remember when....."

Her son and Poptart are five days apart in age.  We've got pictures of them together since they were babies.  Even though we live 2 hours apart, we have managed to get together fairly often. 

Mississippi State has changed alot since I was there.  Those students do not know how good they have it!  I could tell them a few things about how it was in the "good ole' days!"

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Jennifer said...

Looks like D has a rival ... I won't tell him though!