Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Moving Day

Yesterday was moving day.  It went well as far as I could tell.  Nothing got broken except one wheel on a rolling storage cabinet thingy.  I for the most part tried to keep my kids out of the way.  It was hard because they were so excited.  You would have thought it was them moving into the new house.  Picking out their room, begging Pop to put their beds together, and inspecting every part of the house.  And yes, they did ask to spend the night there.  We said no.......

We haven't been back over there today.  It's sort of strange knowing my in-laws are this close.  They have always been 6 or more hours away.  Now they are less than a minute away!

They are having a couch, dining room table, and a refrigerator delivered today.  So at least now Nana can buy groceries.  Tomorrow their phone, TV, and internet get turned on.  Then they'll really start to feel normal again!  Finding doctors will probably be the next big thing on their list, a doctor for them and a vet for the dogs. 

I really hope they like it here!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we love it so far and if I stepped on anyones toes on moving day I am truly sorry, it had been a long hard process( not the moving here) but all the paper work 3 real estate agents, bankers, underwriters and a lawyer or two will really make your hair turn grey (that is if it wasn't already grey like ours). Thanks for the welcome Jennifer I feel at home already. Being near our family for the first time in years is nice but stange Poptart and her dad ringing the doorbell the first time was stranger but nice just like yesterday when the whole family called and came over stranger but would not change a thing. Sam & Maggie our female poodles were ok but got even better when we put their favorite rug down they could smell all the old and everything was right with their world and ours. Thanks Amy you are the best!!!