Thursday, December 31, 2009


Like everyone else, I too, must chime in with my thoughts of the past year.  I considered posting about the biggest stories of 2009 (Tiger, Michael Jackson, balloon boy, etc), but will leave that to the professionals.  So this post will be about the year 2009 in this house..........

2009 started off with a bang, and not a good one for this family.  It did turn around however and ended up being a very blessed year!

In January, my father-in-law had surgery.  While Brad was gone to stay with his mom, Poptart came down with a viscious stomach bug and ended up dehydrated.  Thankfully she did not end up in the hospital but did end up in the clinic's ER hooked up to an IV.  Thank goodness my mother was able to come be with me during that "crisis."  Also in January, Brad got laid off.  But again, thankfully, he had a job THE NEXT DAY.  January was also the month we were introduced to the missionaries in Alaska and the work they are doing there. 

February was much quieter.  Children's Ministry Day and Valentine's Day was about all that we had going on.  But after the January we had just had, we needed a quiet month. 

March brought the flu to Brad.  He was all better to enjoy spring break though.  Oh that's right, he doesn't get a spring break.  Sorry honey.  

April saw Poptart's 4th birthday....she's growing up on us.  Brad, his mom, and my mom all have birthdays in April.  It's a busy birthday month.

May was a dream-come-true month.  Brad's trip to Alaska.  Many of you read along as he was posting from Alaska.  It was definitely a spiritual experience (for both of us) that we will never forget!

June and July brought the summer!  Yeah!  School's out!  Trips to grandma's houses, Vacation Bible Schools, and hot summer days with neighborhood kids in my yard filled these two months. 

August was the beginning of school - and for everybody this time!  Gogurt began 3rd grade, Poptart began her second (and last) year of preschool, and Brad started seminary!  This month also held our 12th wedding anniversary.  Our annual camping trip with my family was in August as well . A busy month!

September and October - more flu.  Both Poptart and Gogurt had the swine flu, but it turned out to be not so bad.  They were all better in the nick of time for our 1st annual beach trip (notice I said annual because I definitely want it to become a tradition) with Brad's parents.  So fun!

November was a month of Thanksgiving and shoeboxes.  We were busy at our church's relay center and then with our trip to Atlanta. 

December has seen Gogurt turn 9 years old.  We watched him worship at a Casting Crowns concert (so awesome).  Christmas with all its festivities has come and gone. 

We certainly cannot complain of how this year has gone down.  It was a good one.   

Now we're knocking on the door of next year.  2010.  What will it hold for us?  I have no clue of course, but with the Lord by our side, we're ready for the ride...........


Melanie said...

Happy New Year 2010! Hope wii can get together soon!

Jennifer said...

I'm impressed, I don't think I could remember something from each month of this year!

Anonymous said...

Amy, It was a year to remember and parts of it I'd just soon forget but I too believe it has brought me closer to the Lord and to my family. Now we'll just have to wait and see what 2010 will have in store for the "OLDER" Skelton's
Love you all and Thanks for a great Christmas!!!